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Full Name Android 21 aka cell
Model Number 21
Age Appears in mid 20's
Kanji none
Gender Female
Creator Dr. Vile
Transformations Armed Resurrection
Affilitations: Ragnarök Army

'Android 21cell' is a fictional character in the Dragonball Z

series. 21 was the leader of the South Army with the title of Inshō Phantom (「隠将」ファントム, "Inshō" Fantomu?, literally "Shadow General Phantom" aka "Stealthy Commander" or "The Ebony Illusion"). 21's schematics were based on that of the full capabilities of stealth. He is one of the four android creations of Dr. Vile. a smart androd 21 is cell


Android 21 is the first artificial human designed by Dr. Vile to be created by fitting a human being with cybernetics. Vile's blueprints for Android 21 suggest that 21 is made up of organic substances padded after human cells.

Android 21's strongest personal trait is his sense of self. He does his best to resist the will of Dr. Vile, and fights a futile battle against Ragnarök to assert his identity and his pride. He has an energy blaster which sees most use against humans, as it is generally ineffective against the likes of the Z Fighters. He was modeled after Android 17 but has many unique traits.

21 was one of four androids modeled after the ones created by Dr. Gero, years before. His first appearance was against Vegeta Jr. in a Factory captured by the Z fighters. Vegeta Jr. fought him to a standstill, but 21 turned the tables when he informed Junior that the had planted bombs all over the factory.

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