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Full Name Android 22
Model Number 22
Age appear to be in early 20's
Kanji 「妖将」レヴィアタン
Gender Female
Creator Dr. Vile
Transformations Armed Resurrection
Affilitations: Ragnarök Army

Android 22, known as Youshou Leviathan (「妖将」レヴィアタン, 「Yōshō」Reviatan?, literally Siren General Leviathan) or simply as 22 one of the four androids of Dr. Vile in the Dragonball AF series. She was created from Android 18's DNA. She commands the Meikai Army (literally Army of the Dark Oceans), the Ragnarök Army's military navy force.


As a cyborg, Android 22 is extremely powerful, able to easily overpower even the typical Super Saiyan. This is first demonstrated when she fights Super Saiyan Seireitou during the mountain sequence, and is able to break his legs with a single blast and walk away almost completely unscathed, save her clothes which have been burned by Seireitou's ki attacks. 22 has also shown that she can hold her own against two Super Saiyans simultaneously, when both Seireitou and Goku Jr. fight her. Android 22 is also purported to be the strongest female character in DBAF.


Like her siblings, her armor is based on that of her biological origin, Android 18, with thematic alterations. 22, being the only female, is the most radically different visually, her armor altered to fit her feminine frame. She wields a harpoon-like weapon, the size of which she can alter, and she uses it to create ki and fire energy torpedoes. In her Armed Resurrection form, 22's armor expands to become a submarine in the shape of a gigantic manta ray.


Android 22 seems to like being playful with her opponents before slaying them, as though she enjoys toying with them. There is also a hidden quality in 22. 22 appears to, strangely enough, be a flirtatious girl in some ways. In her second appearance she says "When I think about you Goku I can't stop" right before turning into her Armed Resurrection form. A small quality almost no one will spot probably not even 22. It's that small of a trait.


Armed Resurrection

Like her two siblings and Dr. Vile, Android 22 possesses a powerful alternate form called "Armed Resurrection" which she is able to activate when facing tougher enemies. When activating her Armed Resurrection, 22's body transforms into a giant blue submarine modeled after a manta with wide wings and a long tail. In this form, she attacks with powerful dash attacks, razorsharp energy discs shot from her head gem and energy torpedoes fired from her body. She is also able to materialize energy Dragons which form a prison made of their bodies to entrap their prey.

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