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The Armed Resurrection is a powerful transformation of the body that turns the user into a fusion of machine and animal or merely expands the body, changes its shape, and gives it power. The transformation is reversible and no known danger of using it as been identified. The Armed Resurrection form is usually a fusion of machine and animal but not all the time. The form is always inhuman and mechanical. Only Five Armed Resurrections have been properly recorded. However an Armed Resurrection may also be a term used to describe a transformation of any type to increase strength in Androids.

True Resurrections

True Resurrection are the Four Armed Resurrections performed by the three of the four androids of Dr. Vile and Vile himself. They are classified as True Resurrections because many transformations like them have been performed by many others but have not properly been called Armed Resurrections. The True Resurrections are also directly programmed into their users data. Other transformations like the Armed Resurrections are obtained through some other means. They are also easier to control than bio transformations because they are simply power locked away in the users body and the Armed Resurrection is simply the key to bringing that power out.


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