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"I just did them a favor by fusing them with Lord Luud. They'll be of much better service to him now, rather than dancing and prancing around like a bunch of show-tune obsessed idiots!"
Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy

Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy is a fighter in the Luud Cult. He first appears as the whip of Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy, a prominent dignitary of the cult.


Upon Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy's death, Mutchie reveals his true form as a mostly-yellow, alien-like Machine Mutant with long, spiked whips extending from the ends of his claw-like hands. These whips can cause any inanimate object they strike to seemingly come to life, and attack Mutchy's opponent. This ranges from commanding wall-mounted swords to fly at the victim, to causing hands to grow from the floor, and restrain them. Along with this, Mutchy is able to drain the life force of anyone wrapped in his whips, similar to the Ki-draining powers of Android 19, Android 20, and Super 17. Although he is a formidable opponent, he is eventually defeated by Trunks.