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Cecelia Buu As She Appears Cecelia Has Long Dark Pink Curled Up Ponytailed Hair W/Dark Pink Antennas Hanging Out W/Dark Pink/Black Ears Cecelia Is Dark Pink Skinned Cecelia Has Dark Sky Blue Eyes W/Black Irises Cecelia Wore A Dark Golden Yellow Necklace Cecelia Wore Dark Golden Yellow/Black Small Bra Showing Her Huge Dark Pink Boobs And Dark Pink Curved Stomach With Black Downward Lined Belly Button With Two Diagonal Black Lines At The Bottom Of Her Stomach Cecelia Buu Wore An Black/Dark Golden Yellow Squared Belt W/Black M On It Cecelia Buu Wore A White Short Skirt Showing Her Black Dots On Her Legs And Arms Cecelia Buu Wore Dark Gold/Black Armbands On Both Of Her Arms Cecelia Buu Wore An Black Forearm Band On Her Right Arm

Cecelia's Biography

Cecelia Buu And Her Daughters Nicole, Alexandra, Alexa, Marianna, Cassandra, Cassie, Katie, Kirsten, Elizabeth, Krystal, Jessica, Jennifer, Lisa, Maggie, Frenchie, Laura, Lauren, Michelle, Mindy, Bethany, Beth, Christina, Victoria, Veronica, Gretchen, Becky, Venus, Jasmine, Tanya, Torrie, Clarissa, Hannah, Lindsay And Holly Buu Annabelle, Anna, Annie, Rosalina, Alina And Jade Buu Tiffany Buu Rose Buu And Kimberly Buu  Along With New Recruits Jenny Buu, Lacey Buu, Jackie Buu, Leah Buu And Anastacia Buu Debuted In Dragon Ball AF: The Origin Of Cecelia Buu Which Featured Cecelia Buu As She Heads To Earth To Warn Them About An Potential Majin Buu Family Invasion Of Earth Her Closest Allies Were Miss Buu And Her Friends Miss Nicole Buu, Miss Alexandra Buu, Miss Alexa Buu, Miss Marianna Buu, Miss Cassandra Buu, Miss Cassie Buu, Miss Katie Buu, Miss Kirsten Buu, Miss Krystal Buu, Miss Elizabeth Buu, Miss Jessica Buu, Miss Jennifer Buu, Miss Lisa Buu, Miss Maggie Buu, Miss Frenchie Buu, Miss Laura Buu, Miss Lauren Buu, Miss Michelle Buu, Miss Mindy Buu, Miss Bethany Buu, Miss Beth Buu, Miss Christina Buu, Miss Victoria Buu, Miss Veronica Buu, Miss Gretchen Buu, Miss Becky Buu, Miss Venus Buu, Miss Tanya Buu, Miss Torrie Buu, Miss Clarissa Buu, Miss Hannah Buu, Miss Lindsay Buu And Miss Holly Buu, Miss Annabelle Buu, Miss Anna Buu, Miss Annie Buu, Miss Alina Buu And Miss Jade Buu Miss Tiffany Buu, Miss Rose Buu And Miss Kimberly Buu Along With Miss Jenny Buu, Miss Lacey Buu, Miss Jackie Buu, Miss Leah Buu And Miss Anastacia Buu

List Of Techniques Used By Cecelia Buu 

Flight- Cecelia Buu Can Fly Using This Ability 

Ki Sense - Cecelia Buu Can Detect And Sense Power Levels

Dangerous Liquid Bomb- Cecelia Buu Shoots Out Of Her Solid Form And Liquefies Herself Forcing Her Body Into Her Opponents Mouth Expanding Them Until They Explode

Final Obliteration- Cecelia Buu Cupped Her Hands To The Side Charging Up The Pink Engulfment Wave Fired It At Her Opponent Engulfing Them Then Obliterated Them In A Massive Explosion

Pink Engulfment Wave - Cecelia Buu Lifts Up Her Hands And And An Huge Pink Ki Energy Was Thrown Engulfing And Obliterated Her Opponent 

Kamehameha- Cecelia Buu Learned This Move From Watching It Being Used By Jonathan Cecelia Buu's Kamehameha Wave Color Was Pink

Super Kamehameha- An Powerful Version Of The Kamehameha Used By Cecelia Buu 

Final Burst- Cecelia Buu Lifts Her Left Arm Up Charging Up Her Pink Ki Energy Blast Until It Reached The Size Of A Moon She Then Throws It Down At Her Opponent Dealing An Fifty Hit Combo Damage Before Completing Obliterated Her Opponent