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Cella is the survivor of when Gohan destroyed the Cell Jrs. She was reactivated by The Dr Gero clone, who later takes over her mind to destroy the New Z Fighters.


Cella's human form has blonde hair and red eyes. She has pale skin, which makes her resemble Android 18. She wears a blue tank top with bulky, blue army pants and black boots.

In her original form,she looks like an older, female version of a Cell Jr.

Cella in her Perfect Form.


Cella is a quiet individual, who uses actions more than words. She tends to have strange habits like: eating only the skin of the apple, drinking “homemade” bug smoothies, sleeping underneath beds,etc.

These strange habits are a result of various malfunctions in her programming. Although she acts weird, her power level is over 2,000,000 proving she is not someone her enemies would not want to mess with.

While most of her enemies think that she is a very violent person it’s revealed that she isn’t too keen with fighting and would prefer to live on a remote island where nobody can find her. She also believes that Tora is the only one who truly understands her and constantly refers to him as her “copain.” (Buddy in French.)