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Son Cuma is the father of Tora. He is never introduced in the Dragon Ball Af, but is mentioned often in the Kuriza Saga


Cuma's name is a pun of a vegetable. His name comes from the vegetable cucumber.


It is unknown how he acts, but Tora has said he was a loving father and husband. It was said by Pan that he became extremely depressed after Tora was kidnapped by the World Trade Organization.

It was said by Kuriza during battle that he had a true fighter's spirit for never giving up trying to get his son back.


Cuma has spiky hair like Vegeta but bangs like Goku. He has slightly tan skin ans a small scar on his left cheek. Cuma has a goatee. Like most Saiyans, he has brown hair. He has a slender, yet muscular body, much like Goku.

He wears a yellow-orange turtle gi. He has Goku's kanji on his back. Instead of blue boots, Cuma's are red with green string tie.


Great Ape

Although never shown to transforming into a Great Ape, but it is implied that he can.

Super Saiyan

According to Pan, Cuma achieved the form because she called him, "a wimpy, whiny monkey." Highly offended, he transforms and punches her in the face, quickly apologizing after. He is shown transforming to defeat Kuriza's soldiers and to defeat Kuriza, only to be knocked up do to his lack of training.

Skills and Abilities

  • kamehameha the destructive turtle energy wave creates by Master Roshi
  • after-image technique a technique used for defense by moving at super sonic speed
  • flight the ability to fly levitate by using ki to push you up.
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