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The Diablo Desert (as named in the early english dub of Dragon Ball) is a giant desolate desert that was the home of Yamcha and Pu-erh. They would both rob anybody who comes around of money or Capsules. In Episode 5 Yamcha ambushes Goku and Oolong here but he is scared off by Bulma. In the Next Episode Oolong has a capsule trailer set up in the desert to camp in. Yamcha destroys it the next morning and follows them out of the desert on the rest of their journey. After the events of Dragon Ball Z in Kid Buu Saga Yamcha returns to Diablo Desert to live his old life again here. He was last seen fixing a car out in the desert in a scene in the last episode of Dragon Ball GT.

Diablo Desert is near Fire Mountain and is Where Pilaf's Castle and the Village Controlled by Boss Rabbit is located. One Unique feature from the rest of Dragon World is that many big Mushroom Tree's grow in the desert.

Appearance in Video Games

  • In Dragon Ball on the NES the Diablo Desert is the third stage. Yamcha steals the dragon balls you had and you would go through various caves and collect the Dragon Balls you lost back. Once you do at the end you fight Yamcha.
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