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Dr. Vile
Full Name Doctor Weil
Race Human
Age ?
Kanji バイル
Gender Male
Planet of Origin Earth

Dr. Weil (Dr.バイル, Dokutā Bairu?) Dr. Weil, known as Dr. Vile (Dr.バイルDokutā Bairu?) in Japan, is the primary antagonist of the Mega Man Zero series, as the one responsible for the Elf Wars.


Dr. Weil was a human scientist who participated in the project to design the original Cyber-elf, the Mother Elf. In this project, Dr. Weil was a coworker and rival of the ancestress of the future Resistance leader Ciel, and both of them had significantly different views on how the Maverick Wars should be resolved. Weil made weapons to use against theMavericks and specialized in Reploid revival, and viewing Zero's body as the ideal weapon to end the wars, used it to develop Omega,[1] while his partner worked on analyzingZero's cognitive program in hopes of finding a cure for theMaverick Virus.

Although the Mother Elf was completed and was successfully used by X to end the Maverick Wars and eliminate the virus altogether, Dr. Weil was dissatisfied with these results. He believed that the Reploids should pay for the carnage their wars caused and submit to humanity. Dr. Weil proposesProject Elpizo, a plan to combine the Mother Elf with Omega to exert control over all Reploids, putting Weil at odds with X and his ideals of coexistence. As humans were fearful of another lengthy war, many favored the project. [2]

The Elf WarsEdit

To further push his agenda, Weil secretly took control of the Mother Elf and reprogrammed her, transforming her into theDark Elf and created clones of her called Baby Elves. The Baby Elves were used to control Reploids, forcing them to fight each other in a massive battle.[3]

The conflict spread fear and destruction worldwide, resulting in increased support for Project Elpizo, but X and Zero (whose program was put in a new body) managed to recapture the Dark Elf, and used her power to turn the war in their favor, forcing Dr. Weil to unleash Omega onto the battlefield. Omega, supported by an army of Golems, would slaughter countless numbers of humans and Reploids before finally being defeated by X and Zero, bringing the war to an end.

In the aftermath of the war, Omega was sentenced to exile in Earth's orbit sealed within the Forbidden Ark, while a group of human survivors modified Weil's body into a cyborg contained within a bio-mechanical suit that would prevent him from deterioration and death. His memories were also converted into data, so that he would never forget his crimes, and was then banished into the wastelands he had created, to suffer eternally therein. Having been exiled, Dr. Weil began to plot his revenge on human and Reploid alike.