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Dragon Ball AF is a fanmade series based on the manga and anime Dragon Ball and it's sequels Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball Super, and Dragon Ball GT. There are many interpretations of Dragon Ball AF and not every fan series connect with each other. This is just our stab at the franchise.



The story of Dragon Ball AF continues the story of Dragon Ball GT, following the story of Goku Jr. and his friends. The series follows the Dragon Fighters' journey from childhood to adults while protecting the Earth from foes such as demons, aliens, artificial humanoids to even time-traveling space pirates. Taking a different approach from the other installments of the Dragon Ball franchise, Dragon Ball AF takes on a domestic approach, having the heroes working under government supervision and developing romances. Dragon Ball AF also takes elements from other continuities of the Dragon Ball franchise such as video games.

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With the ever-evolving timeline concerning the Dragon Ball franchise and the debating canonicity of Dragon Ball GT, it is difficult to place Dragon Ball AF. Dragon Ball AF is meant to take place after the final episode of Dragon Ball GT. The timeline in this series includes all four installments with almost little trouble with the dates.


There are some details in the main story that is either not present in the official canon or contradicts with it:

  • In Dragon Ball AF, a Planet Sadala exists in the orbit of Earth home to billions of Saiyans. The Earthlings and Saiyans seem to not only acknowledge each other's existence but have a sense of diplomacy, even interspecies relations have occurred around this time. Though no explanation was given at the beginning of the series, it is later revealed that Sadala and the Saiyan that live upon it were the results of a disturbance in the Universe thanks to the Time Scroll.
  • Because of Gohan and Bulma's work involving the martial artist community, Saiyan transformations and abilities have been publicly documented and shared with the planet's scientists. This era in the timeline is derived from Dragon Ball Xenoverse.
  • Sometime prior to his death, Frieza and Cooler brought forth children that were either not old enough to rule or had not shown interest until later on in life. This, in turn, secured the survival of the Planet Trade Organization up until the events of Dragon Ball AF.
  • Namekians fled to Earth in Age 853 after having their home of New Namek attacked by Miira. Also, Namekians resembling Earthling females begin to be born in order to fit in with the planet's society. This era in the timeline is derived from Dragon Ball Xenoverse.


Dragon Team Group

  1. Rematch Saga
  2. Lord Yao Saga
  3. Kuriza Saga

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 4. Cella Saga