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An uknown being who is hidden amongs dragon ball verse. It is said to be the most powerful of all fiction that can even drive real life humans like you insane. Above omnipotent. Goku traveled to other universes and destroyed them all. Goku went into DC and fought with SuperMan Prime One Million fused with TOAA multipliad by octillion x infinitite square root of terrbajillion times. Goku won without even moving and proceed to destroy DC and next is Marvel and Cthulhu mythos. Anything who went in Goku's way just get vanished. Elder God Cthulhu who shadow cloned jutsu itself into infinite times along didn't stand a chance against Goku. Goku s


ealed him in edless loop of whooping. Goku's power is so strong that It caused DC and Marvel fans in real life to commit suicide and the total destruction of America.


Destruction Of All: Goku can destroy all reality and fantasy in ease.

Dispel: Goku can dispel any abilities his enemies has with no limits.

Undefeatable: Anyone who attempts to beat goku would automatically vanish to nothingess along with anyone supporting it. Real life persons will die as well. Anyone who doesn't attempt to beat goku will vanish as well.

Above all fictions.