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Fasha (Selypa; English "Seripa") is the only female member of Bardock's crew. After Bardock is attacked by one of the last surviving members of Kanassa, Fasha and others decided to return him back to their homeworld Planet Vegeta so that he could be healed. After hearing that there is some possible damage in his brainwave patterns they've decided to leave without him to destroy the inhabitants on Planet Meat as their next assignment. After reaching Meat they immediately destroy all of its natives, but before they could celebrate the moment, she was ambushed and killed by Boysenberry of Dodoria's Elite.

File:Fasha Cameo.jpg

Fasha without her scouter, during a brief cameo appearance in Dragon Ball Z.

Her name is a play on the name of the vegetable "parsley".

The prospect of Fasha being the mother of Goku and Raditz is the source for debate amongst the Dragon Ball fanbase. However, there are several discrepancies that contradict this, as it appeared Goku was born around the time she and the rest of Bardock's crew were attacking Kanassa. Also, when she mentions Bardock's son, she doesn't acknowledge that Goku is her son. The fact that it was mentioned on Kanassa that Goku had been born just yesterday while Fasha was fighting on the planet also tends to support that she wasn't his mother. In any case, the speculation about Fasha and her relationship with Bardock will continue to be left open.

She also made a cameo appearance along with Tora and Bardock in the Dragon Ball Z episode "The Ultimate Battle", during Frieza's recollection of various Saiyans whose deaths he was responsible for.


  • Full-Power Spirit Cannon: A full-powered pink blast of ki from one hand. Bardock is also seen with a original variation of this move.
  • Bukujutsu: The power to levitate and fly.
  • Acrobatic: Fasha has been shown flexible and acrobatic, doing several back flips and kart-wheels in combat.
  • Energy Ballet: A shower of pink energy blasts that targets on her foe.
  • Full Power Energy Wave: A full-powered pink wave of energy wave inflicts more damage than a ordinary beam attack, such as the Blast 2 Energy Wave.
  • Mouth Energy Wave: Only while in the Great Ape transformation. The user fires an immensely powerful mouth blast that inflicts quite a lot of damage.
  • Rush Attacks: Her ultimate blast in the Budokai Tenkaichi series can be used even while in her Great Ape form, while other giants, other than Janemba's normal form, only use pure energy-based Ultimate Blasts.


  • Somewhat ironically, Fasha's voice actress in Funimation's dub of the anime, Linda Chambers-Young, also voices Frieza, the overlord who oppressed Fasha and her Saiyan comrades.
  • Fasha bears somewhat of a resemblance to Videl.
  • Fasha is one of the only female pure-blooded Saiyan to appear in the anime. The only other one seen was one in the Vegeta Saga that appears in King Kai's flashback (None appeared in the manga.)

Voice actors

  • Japanese dub: Yuko Mita
  • Funimation dub: Linda Young
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