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The Final Shine Attack (Fainaru Shinu Attaku) is an attack similar to Final Flash, but far more powerful, and fired from only one hand. Some fans think that it is a mix of a Big Bang Attack and a Final Flash, as it has the "Final" of Final Flash and the "Attack" of Big Bang Attack. Vegeta first used it when Super 17 attacked and Vegeta had no choice but to fight him. He shoots a lethal, massive, bright-green ki wave that hits the foe with remarkable force.

In the Budokai Tenkaichi video game series, it is Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta's ultimate blast. In Budokai Tenkaichi 3, it appeared as a greenish-blue beam of enormous power. The attack also appeared in the Dragon Ball Z video game Infinite World. It is one of Vegeta's most powerful techniques that wasn't used by the fusion incarnations of Goku and Vegeta, such as Vegito and Gogeta.

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