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Goketa is the fusion of Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. An experiment thought up by Vegeta Jr., Power is the successful fusion made by the advanced fusion dance technique.


Power looks exactly like Gogeta, just a younger version. He hasthe height and physique of Goku Jr, but the facial features of SVX. He wears a black vest with reddish-orange padding around the shoulders and neck. Power wears a dark blue sash around his waist and baggy white pants.


Power has a mix of Goku Jr's and Vegeta Jr.’s personalities. He has Goku's joking, playful manner as well as his courage and fighting intelligence. He also has Vegeta Jr.’s cocky, arrogant manner as well as his strategic battle style. Power, like all saiyans are excited by the idea of a fight or challenge. He will play around with his opponents, only for them to get angry and mess up so he can attack.


Froze Saga

After Goku Jr and SVX