Goku Returns is the pilot episode of the series Dragon Ball AF. It's original American release was February 5th, 2009. It features a reunion of Goku and family after one hundred years at Kami's Lookout, as well as the debut of Goku's relative Ryun and his rival Seireitou.


Fifteen years have passed since the events of Dragon Ball GT and the world is enjoying a reign of peace. This peace is, however, shattered when a monster named Haifeiru lands on Earth. Haifeiru appears to be searching for the dragonballs.

During his search, he comes across Vegeta's descendant, Vegeta Jr.. Their meeting erupts into a fight, and Vegeta is shocked when he realizes that Haifeiru can withstand his attacks without much, difficulty. The match comes to a halt as Haifeiru picks up another high Power Level. Presuming it to be a stronger opponent's, Haifeiru flies off in the direction of the new Power Level, abandoning the match with Vegeta.