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While the four Kais (King Kai, West Kai, South Kai and East Kai) are ruling in the four segments of the galaxy, Grand Kai (大界王 Dai Kaiō) oversees them all. Goku is brought to him in the beginning of Great Saiyaman Saga by King Kai.

Grand Kai is portrayed as an aged hipster, wearing jeans and a denim jacket and constantly listening to rock music on his boom box. His home is the Grand Kai's Planet. He is considerably stronger than the other Kais and is known to be the greatest fighter in the universe.

File:Grand - kai.jpg

Grand Kai's First Appearence

Even though he is the teacher of the greatest warriors in the multiverse, Grand Kai (much like King Kai and Master Roshi) is more of a sweet and a kind grandfatherly figure than a traditional disciplinarian. Paying no heed to respectful-but-cold formality, he lovingly treats his social-inferiors as equals and dotes on them as if they were his own grandchildren. In the Japanese version, he affectionately addresses younger warriors with suffix of "-chan" (e.g., Goku-chan, Paikuhan-chan), a term of endearment usually reserved for young children.

File:Grand Kai.gif

Grand Kai Signaling the start of the Other World Tournament

Although Grand Kai does not appear in the manga, a Dai Kaio is mentioned there. In fact, his characterization in the anime was suggested to the production staff by Akira Toriyama himself.[1]


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