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Directory: CharactersDeitiesLocal deities Guardian (called Kami on Earth) (神様 Kami-sama, Japanese for "God") is the title given to the individual protectors of planets in the Dragon Ball universe although they are more like overseers as they are often quite weak in comparison to enemies. Guardians have an indirect reporting relationship to one of the Kais. (In the case of the Kami of Earth, this is King Kai). They have many of the powers associated with gods including the ability to see and sense events around the world, to travel to and guide souls to Other World, and to be a general protector of the people. They also are long-lived, though not immortal. Unlike more traditional gods, the role of Guardians is an office which can be vacated and subsequently refilled by a mortal.


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There is no Kami on the Planet Namek for that is a term from Earth. It can be arguably assumed that the Guardian of Namekians is their Great Elder, Guru, who watches over his people much like Earth's Kami and who created a set of Dragon Balls for them.

The original Great Elder of Namek is never named. However, after his death in the Frieza Saga, the Namek elder Moori is given the position and control of the Dragon Balls. (In fact, as soon as he is given the position, the Dragon Balls recharge immediately instead of waiting one Namekian year, and as an added bonus, the Dragon Balls are now able to resurrect more than one being at a time, though those who die from sickness or of natural causes are still beyond their ability to resurrect.)

Planet Vegeta

In the anime series (not in the manga), King Kai tells Goku that Planet Vegeta was destroyed by its own version of Kami via a meteor storm he summoned after realizing how evil the Saiyans are. Shortly afterwards it is revealed, however, that Frieza was to blame for Planet Vegeta's destruction. It is obvious that Frieza is not Vegeta's Kami, but it is unclear whether King Kai didn't know the truth himself or just decided to lie to Goku to prevent him from learning of Frieza, the second being the more likely considering King Kai reveals later that he is aware of the existence of Frieza and begs Goku not to fight him because of his immense power.

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