Haifeiru is another fan made villian character from the fan made Dragonball AF fantasy.


The fight between Haifeiru and Vegeta Jr., has really heated up! Both Haifeiru and Vegeta were doing very well so, it was basically an even match. Seireitou (who is also fan made) and Goku Jr were just watching, thinking that this fight was pointless. There was a point when both Vegeta and Haifeiru went into the air and began heavy fist fighting and energy blasting. Haifeiru was shocked at how strong Vegeta was, thinking that he wasn’t supposed to be that strong.

Dragonball Z memories - The Cell Games Saga

Back in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber; Gohan's chances of becoming Super Saiyan looks bleak. Goku then informs him that the transformation to Super Saiyan comes in response to a need, not a desire. (This line was taken from Dragonball Z when Goku & Gohan trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber before competing in the Cell Games against Cell)

Gohan finally realized that the only way for him to become a Super Saiyan is for Goku to fight him at full power. The reluctant Goku then flies up, turns Super Saiyan, and prepares to fire a Kamehameha wave at Gohan. He does so and Gohan is able to hold it off. While blocking it, Gohan is sick of not being able to achieve his goals. He then remembers every time he was in danger and his friends helped him, but he wasn't able to help them when it's the other way around. This rage proves to be what Gohan needed, for he fed off upon the rage and finally transformed into a Super Saiyan and fires the blast back at Goku.