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This article is about the location Korin Tower. For the Dragon Ball episode with the same name, see Korin Tower (Dragon Ball episode).

The base of Korin Tower, with Upa and Bora's tipi

Korin Tower (カリン塔 Karin-tō) is a tower in the fictional world of Dragon Ball. It was built to honor a great hero (it is never stated who the hero is nor is it known if he was the same being as Korin, but in anime filler it is stated that this hero is Olibu). It is so tall that it took Goku three full days to climb it. The "Owner", Korin, grows Senzu Beans in the tower, which he gives to the Z Fighters freely (that is when he has some in stock). In the dubbed version, it is known as the Holy Tower or Korin's Tower; while in the Spanish dub as Torre Karin (Karin Tower).

A hole in the top of this tower fits Goku's Power Pole, which serves as the link between the tower and Kami's Lookout. It should be pointed that it is made of a quite durable material, that the structure itself is hard to destroy.

Bora and the rest of his Native American tribe are located at the base of the tower as guardians as seen in Dragon Ball.

The name "Karin-Tō" (カリン塔), is a pun on a type of fried dough cake called Karintō (花林糖).

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