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Maron with Karin

Maron is an anime-only character who first appears in the Garlic Jr. Saga as Krillin's girlfriend. She is very ditsy. In fact, in "Call for Restoration", Korin has trouble trying to read her mind to know her moves during a card game, explaining to Yajirobe that, "I've seen party balloons with more on their mind" (this is referenced in the video game The Legacy of Goku II when, after Maron is scanned by a scouter, the scouter malfunctions as it fails to detect any brain waves). Her uncommitted and outspoken immaturity often frustrates Chi-Chi and Bulma, who she refers to as old ladies.

She looks similar to Bulma, but both have very different traits, most notably Maron's figure being slightly curvier and more endowed, Bulma's hair being more of an aqua color while Maron's is more of a sky blue and Bulma being a staple character to the series, as opposed to Maron only being around for one saga and making a single appearance in the Androids Saga. As Krillin is about to propose to her on a beach, she leaves with a guy in a red sports car. During the Androids Saga, she shows up at the Kame House looking for Krillin saying that he was the only guy she ever loved. After a while she gets bored and takes off with a bunch of boyfriends never to be seen again.

Maron shares her name with Krillin's daughter, who was introduced later in the manga. The manga writer Akira Toriyama stated, however, he did not name Marron after his old flame. Since Marron, like Krillin, means "chestnut," it is likely that this is a case of the same pun being used by both Toriyama and the anime filler writers.


  • In a flashback in episode 125, Future Trunks walks by a mother and her child, the mother bears a resemblance to an older version of Maron, this is however unconfirmed.

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