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Mez throwing a little kabuki show

Mez (メズ, Mezu) is a big oni (ogre) that is in charge of Hell together with Goz. King Yemma is his boss and also the only oni who is faster than Mez. His skin is red, he has dark hair and two horns, making him looking closer to King Yemma than other oni. He challenges Goku to a running competition and is doing quite well in it, but then Goku tricks him and wins (also managing to steal one of Ensenji, King Yemma's Fruits). After his loss Mez shows a way back to Snake Way (to King Yemma's table, to be more precise).

The voice of Mez in Funimation dub was provided by Mike McFarland. In original Japanese, Mez speaks with adding おに ("oni") to the end of each sentence.

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