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Orange Star High School

Orange Star High School is the High School in which Gohan went to when he turned 16, when Chi-Chi decided that home-schooling was no longer an effective form of education for him. At the school Gohan is told by Chi-Chi not to show off his super strength and power but ends up showing some of it in P.E by mistake


The school is known as Orange Star High School because Satan City, in which it is located, was originally called Orange Star City but was later changed to Satan City as an honor towards Mr. Satan whom the world falsely believed had saved them from Cell. For some reason the school retained the former name rather than taking on the new name, possibly to commemorate the former name. The school building itself has four stories and a roof access. It is seen frequently during the Great Saiyaman Saga when Gohan acts as the Great Saiyaman.



  • The name "Orange Star" is a reference to the mythical Dragon Balls, which are orange and have a certain number of "stars" on them, hence the name "Orange Star".

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