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The Other World is Dragonball's version of the afterlife. It is where characters go when they die, and also where the higher deities of the universe reside. The Other World was referred to as "the next dimension". Hell and Heaven are the two main destinations for deceased people in the afterlife, however there is also a level that exists between the two. This level contains the personal planets of deities such as King Kai and the Supreme Kai, as well as the celestial bureaucracy who are in charge of running the day-to-day activities of Other World. Characters who die come to the afterlife as spirits or souls only. Great heroes such as Goku and Pikkon are permitted to keep their physical bodies. In the anime, major villains are also seen with their normal physical forms. This is most likely because they have such unfathomable powers compared to regular beings. Persons who die and have been judged as good receive golden halos on top of their heads while those who are evil obtain a wine-colored halo.

Planets in Other World

List of Residents

Resident Cause(s) of residency
Yhvh Ruler of the Universe (The God)
Grand Kai Ruler of the Other World
King Yema Guardian of the Afterlife
Vegeta Resident
Gohan Died
Goten Died
Shin (Supreme Kai) Supreme Kai
Elder Kai Grand Supreme Kai
Trunks Died
Piccolo Died
Krillin Died
Yamcha Died
Tein Died
Uub Died
Hercule Died