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Redick is the descendant of Vegeta and Trunks. He is the current president of Capsule Corporation and retired member of the New Z Fighters. He is the older brother of Rigor and the smartest Brief of his generation.


Redick is a well mannered young man who appreciates the finer things in life. He has two sides to his personality. His sayian side loves to battle, usually looking for one instead of doing work. His human side prefers not to fight and for this reason he left the New Z Fighters.


Redick is lanky compared to the other Saiyans and less muscular due to his lack of training. Like most Saiyans, he has black eyes and hair, except for the silver streak. Like his ancestor Vegeta, his hair stands up straight, with the exception of one lock, and a prominentwidow's peak. In battle, Redick wears Battle Armor similar to that Vegeta wore when he first arrived on Earth with a black jumpsuit underneath.


Early Life

Redick was brought up like a normal human child, with occasional training to control his Saiyan powers. He went to universities for geniuses due to his advanced intellect. Later in his childhood, he was often attacked by his mutant younger brother, Rigor. Because of this, their parents sent Rigor into outer space. Some time after, Redick transformed into a Super Saiyan.

Cella Saga

Redick made an appearance in the Cella Saga