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Restrained Super Saiyan is a variant of Super Saiyan used by Broly. It is a result of the extreme power being regulated by a mind controlling device. The ring shattered upon Broly's ascension to Legendary Super Saiyan, and due to this, the form was never seen again, instead being replaced by the standard Super Saiyan form.


The ring on Broly's head creates mind control which darkens the skin and hair pigment of a Super Saiyan. The hair color is blue with a purple tint while the skin color is dark brown.

Usage & Power

Restrained Super Saiyan considerably limits the power of the Super Saiyan.


  • Restrained Super Saiyan is not an extension of the Super Saiyan form like Ascended, Ultra, and Full-Power Super Saiyan. It is the exact opposite.
  • Only Broly has used this form.
  • This form was technically created by the ring that Broly wears and not by immense power like all other Super Saiyan forms.