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"You may be a devil Xicor, but not even you can match the power of a god"
— Goku (Raising the Playing Field, The New Power!)



The transformation causes some stark changes in physical appearance. The trademark characteristic of the transformation is the user's hair: the hair of the Super Saiyan 4 state changes drastically, and grows down to or sometimes passes the user's waist, similarly like the Super Saiyan 3 form. But traces of the Super Saiyan 4 hair can be seen as well, forming bizarre hairstyles. The brow ridge that is seen from the Super Saiyan 3 transformation is visible as well, though not as much as it is with the Super Saiyan 3 form. In this form, the Saiyan's hair color differs from silver to a dark grey, the same goes for the tail and the fur covering the body. A Saiyan in this form also possesses a shadow trim around the eyes and over the eyelids that varies in color, such as a dark bluish-gray or crimson. A similar aura like the Super Saiyan Blue transformation erupts around a Saiyan God Primal as well.

Usage and Power

Saiyan God Primal Goku vs the Super Saiyan Devil, Xicor

Saiyan God Primal is the pinnacle of Saiyan strength. For one to achieve the transformation, the Saiyan must have access to the primal strength of Super Saiyan 4 as well as mastery over their godly ki. The key to the transformation is the complete control over the user's ki, as the wildly different kinds of ki can be overwhelming.

The power of Saiyan God Primal is extraordinary, unrivaled by even most deities. While the exact boost in power is unknown, it can speculated that the Super Saiyan 4 4000x increase is still in effect with the godly ki' 'gives it an extra boost.

Goku after transforming

The first time the form was introduced was during the final battle against Xicor when Goku finally managed to escape the Time Vortex. In this form, Goku easily dominated the fight even with the former being in his Super Saiyan Devil form. Sometime later, Vegeta achieves the form after witnessing the time displaced Goku transform in the past, chronologically making him the first to achieve this form.

The next person to achieve and use the Saiyan God Primal form would be Vegeta Jr. After Goku Jr.'s defeat in the Tournament of Time, Vegeta Jr. steps up to take on the challenger. Vegeta Jr. first transforms into a Super Saiyan Rosé as a transition point to the form. Vegeta Jr. would dominate in his fight against Parodo who, in the match prior, fought on par with a Super Saiyan 5 Goku Jr. However, he would be defeated by Mira, making the Dragon Team to lose the tournament.

Art of Saiyan God Primal Goku and Vegeta

Saiyan God Primal Goku

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