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 A Scouter is used for the measurements of one's

power level (some times called Battle Power), first appeared in the Saiyan Saga with Raditz having one on his forehead

measuring the power level of the farmer (5)

A Scouter has been used until the end of the Frieza/Namek saga

(with the exception of Yo! Son Goku n His Friends Return!)

Although scouter does measure the power level of a fighter, it will not show if the fighter is holding back.

Vegeta and Nappa vs Goku:

Nappa: Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?

Vegeta: it's 1006 

Nappa: Wha... really?! 

Vegeta: Yeah, kick his ass Nappa!

Nappa: YAY

Nappa: *Gets beat up by Goku*

Vegeta: This doesn't seem right. Wait, Wait, Wait. NAPPA!


Vegeta: I had the scouter upside down. it's over 9000... rah. * Breaks Scouter*

Nappa: why do you sound so boorrrrreeeddd!

Vegeta: because he's still not a threat

Nappa: Wha...?

Vegeta: too me...

Bulma measuring Krillin and Master Roshi's power level:

Krillin's power level was 206

Turtle's power level was 0.0001

and Master Roshi's power level was 139 (although maximum power form's power level

is unknown, Babidi said that you need 300 "killis" too destroy a planet when super saiyan Goku

had 3000, Goku's power level being 180,000,000 , therefore Master Roshi's maximum power level

should have been around 18,000,000). Even though this is impossible because Goku Super Saiyan strength was 16 million, not 180,000,000. Freiza first form was 530,000. and in this form he destroyed Planet Vegeta. and his second form, his power level is over 1 million. and his third form is a little over 4 million. and in his final form he is at 6 million. His full power is 12 million.