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The Separation Kamehameha is a technique invented by Goku in Other World. It he then passed it on to his descendant Goku Jr.


The Separation Kamehameha looks like an ordinary Kamehameha but is bigger in size and is orange instead of blue and white. It can be confused with the 10x Kamehameha, until it is fired and takes effect. It has the power to disperse and obliterate evil from living things.

Goku using the Separation Kamehameha


While Goku was in Other World for his hundred year training, he tried experimenting with the kamehameha. After a year, he couldn't figure out how to focus his energy so it wouldn't destroy everything. Goku then gives up on the idea and went to training. Later, Goku returns the technique and saw how it had enough power to rip a hole through time and space. Goku then continues to train with the kamehameha and mastered it. When Goku Jr used the Instant Transmission to get to Other World after barely escaping Evil Super Saiyan 4 SVX's Kamehameha, he immediately searched for guidance from Goku. Goku then feeds the information of the technique into his mind using telepathy. Goku Jr then returns to Earth, uses the new technique to stop the Evil Super Saiyan 4 spirit.

Power and Usage

Although it isn't an offensive technique, it has a destructive power. It has the ability to rip a hole through time and space, enabling the user to cross from Other World to Earth. When it is fired, the force of the blast send giant gusts of wind and large chunks of rock flying. The technique has only been used three times;

first on SVX to destroy the Evil Super Saiyan 4 spirit, the second on Xicor to turn him good and into Zaiko, and the last on Vegeta Jr to destroy the Evil Super Saiyan 4 spirit again.

Goku Jr about to use the Separation Kamehameha on Vegeta Jr.


  • This is one of few versions of the Kamehameha not used for offensive purposes, others include the Feet Kamehameha and the Bluff Kamehameha.
  • The technique has only been used three times, two in the series, one in a movie.