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Sharotto is the descendant of Vegeta and Bulla. She is the cousin of Vegeta Jr., wife of Goku Jr., and mother of Oreh. She is one of the strongest New Z Fighters and one of the only female warriors.


Sharotto has fine tan skin and dark eyes. She has wild, black hair that reaches her shoulders. She usually wears a purple and black unitard version of Saiyan Armour with similar coloured boots and gloves. But when not in battle, she wears casual clothes.


Sharotto is very sweet and kind to others. But her compassionate personality changes when in battle. She turns into her grandfather and becomes arrogant, cocky, and even mocks her opponents.


Early Life

At a young age, Sharotto and her siblings showed great potential. To harness their potential, they were sent into space where they trained through their childhood to their teen years.

Return to Earth

On their return home, Sharotto and her siblings immediately sent out to find the Dragon Ball (object)s to wish open a seal that held more advanced training equipment. During her quest, she encounters Goku Jr who battles her for the Dragon Balls


Super Saiyan

Sharotto gained this transformation while training in space.

Super Saiyan 2

Sharotto gained this transformation somewhere between the Gigabyte Saga and the Ultimate Cell Saga.

Special Abilities and Techniques

  • Galick Gun- A devastating attack created by Vegeta
  • Big Bang Attack- Sharotto's signature attack, also created by Vegeta
  • Final Flash- A golden beam of pure destruction, also created by Vegeta
  • Final Shine Attack- A more powerful version of the Final Flash, also created by Vegeta
  • Kamehameha- The famous Turtle Destructive Wave, created by Master Roshi. She used it once to demonstrate how simple it was to master.