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"Why do we need to fight for this dump anyway? Is Frieza out of his little tiny mind or something?"
Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku

Shugesh (パンブキン, Panbukin) is a Saiyan warrior within the Saiyan Army, and one of the members of Bardock's team along with Borgos, Fasha, and Tora. His name is a pun on "pumpkin", well fitting his overweight physique.



Shugesh in his Great Ape transformation after his face is cut by a Kanassan warrior's energy blast

While battling in Great Ape form in Planet Kanassa, his cheek is cut by a Ki Blast from a Kanassan to which he retaliates by crushing the Kanassan under his foot. Later, he tackles another Kanassan after he hit Bardock in the back of the neck. After the team destroyed Planet Meat's inhabitants, Shugesh is the first of his teammates to be killed by Dodoria and his elite under Frieza's orders.

Special abilities


Gigantic Stomp

  • Flight – Like most Saiyans, it is safe to assume that Shugesh is capable of flight.
  • Knee Strike – Used to tackle the Kanassan who attacked Bardock.
  • Great Ape – As with all Saiyans with a tail, Shugesh can transform into a Great Ape at the sight of a full moon (or another source of Blutz Waves). He used this ability while on Planet Kanassa.
  • Gigantic Stomp – Used as a great Ape to kill the Kanassian who wound him.

Voice Actors

  • Japanese Dub: Takeshi Watabe
  • FUNimation Dub: Chris Rager
  • French Dub: Eric Legrand



Knee Strike

  • In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3, Shugesh's face is shown whenever Bardock does his Saiyan Spirit.
  • In Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru's original character design of Bardock's Team, Shugesh/Panbukin was drawn with a more Nappa-like structure. For example he was much taller and had a equal muscle mass. He was later changed into the "pumpkin" resembling figure he is now, for reasons that Akira Toriyama said that he wanted Saiyans to have more "distinguishing features" (Akira Toriyama drew the final draft of Bardock's team). The physical change may also be a pun of his name.[1]
  • Like Bardock and Toma, Panbukin's original name given to him by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru was not completely changed in the final draft by Akira Toriyama.[1]


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