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Master Roshi's turtle

Turtle (海亀 sea turtle), Master Roshi's friend and long-time companion, this good-natured lovable turtle lives in the Kame House with the elderly hermit. During Dragon Ball Z in the Garlic Jr. Saga, he celebrates his 1,000th birthday in episode #117. He plays a relatively small part in the manga, but he has quite a few large roles in the anime. When he first appeared, he was in the wilderness, alone and lost. He was picking mushrooms when he got separated from his friends and had since been wandering around on land for over a year. Goku kindly takes on the task of returning him to the ocean, which he is very grateful for. It is Turtle who introduces Master Roshi to Bulma and Goku. Turtle does not care much for Master Roshi's perverse interests, enjoying honest interests himself. He was one of the first animal characters Goku meets and befriends, giving a small sense of irony that in the final Dragon Ball GT episode, he's one of the few characters that Goku bids farewell to after departing with Shenron.


Turtle takes a fighting stance against a pair attempting to take advantage of Maron.

In the anime it is revealed that he has a son. Also his power level is 0.001, evident when Bulma tests Raditz's scouter in the Vegeta Saga. This reading seems to be contradicted in a later filler episode, in which Turtle easily fends off a pair of young men to protect Maron. As a human was previously shown to have a power level of 5, it is unlikely that Turtle would be able to defeat two apparently younger and fitter men if his power level were 0.001 unless he trained himself. He might have the ability to lower his power level when not is use. However, in the manga (Dragon Ball vol.7, p.21), after stating to his troops that Master Roshi and Launch defeated Red Ribbon army Squad B at the Kame House, General Blue also states, "And they didn't even have to unleash the Turtle!!". This statement implies that he does indeed have at least some power that would be more than a match for regular humans.

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