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Ultra Perfect Cell was born by absorbing Super 17 and Android #18 and #16, Ultra Perfect Cell's power was mostly unstoppable only can be stopped by a Legendary Super Saiyan and not to mention that Cell is more than enough to defeat a Super Saiyan 2 in this state.

Ultra Perfect Cell's attitude was mostly like Vegeta's,Frieza's and Goku's.His goal was to find what goal he wanted, he apparently decides to destroy the planet, but where shall he live, he asked himself.Now, he only wanted to rule the planet's leftover humans.

Ultra Perfect Cell can do this without absorbing Super 17, Android #18 and #16, he can do this in his Super Perfect Form by powering up towards his limits, his power level here is 500,000,555,000,999.A Legendary Super Saiyan cannot beat Ultra Perfect Cell with ease.If Cell were to be foolish and be mostly like Goku's kind side, Cell would've been killed fairly easy.

Cell's look here will mostly look like his Super Perfect Form with sparks,but no wings,blue face and 20 absorbtion tails.