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"The sleeper has awakened. I am the Prince of all Saiyans once again!"
— "Upgrade to Super Saiyan"

Vegeta or Prince Vegeta is the prince of the fallen Saiyan race and arch-rival to Goku. He is the husband of Bulma, the father of Trunks and Bulla, the estranged older brother of Tarble, Rival of Karrkaz The Saiyan and the great-great grandfather of Vegeta Jr.. He first appears in Dragon Ball Z as an antagonist, but he forms an allegiance with the Z Fighters in the Namek and Frieza Sagas. He officially joins the Z Fighters in the Android and Cell Games sagas. Throughout the majority of the story, he has set his main goal on defeating Goku, even though they later turn from enemies and rivals to allies and close friends. After the Frieza Saga, he begins living on Earth, where he stays for the rest of his life.


Vegeta's stands 5 feet 3 inches (in comparison with Goku's 5 feet 7 inch height as stated by creator Akira Toriyama). His hair firmly stands upwards, and has a huge widow's peak. A main characteristic of Vegeta's was the fact that he was the only living Saiyan whom continued to wear the traditional Saiyan armor (in reference to his heritage) and has been seen wearing various different forms of the armor, therefore making the Saiyan armor more synonymous with him, although he slowly abandons the Saiyan armor later in Dragon Ball Z and then completely in Dragon Ball GT, where he is depicted wearing "Earth-like" clothing. However, even when Vegeta does lose the armor, he is always seen wearing white gloves and white boots in battle throughout the Dragon Ball Z saga.

Vegeta's hair never grows in length besides when he transforms to Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 4. He states in an episode of the Perfect Cell Saga in Dragon Ball Z that a pure Saiyan's hair does not change from the day they are born.

If observed closely, Vegeta actually changes appearance physically over the course of Dragon Ball Z. Originally he is drawn to appear very small and lean to make him appear to be the less threatening of his pairing with the immensely sized Nappa. However by the end of Dragon Ball Z he appears to be much taller, more muscular, his hair height having also been shortened though he is still roughly the same height and shorter than Goku.


Ever since he was a child, he has shown to be a ruthless killer who shows no mercy, just like most Saiyans. During the Namek Saga, he did begin to exhibit changes; rather than killing Krillin or Gohan like he promised in the previous saga, he instead forms an alliance with them. After he is defeated by Frieza, he tells Goku that Frieza forced him to be ruthless killer and that he never had the chance to be anything else (indicating that he could have been kinder and more merciful if not for Frieza). From then on, Vegeta softened up and settled on Earth, where he falls in love with and marries Bulma, with whom he has a son, Trunks, and a daughter, Bulla. He even showed compassion to his new family. It wasn't until the Babidi Saga that he gave in to his dark side and became evil once again (though he implied that he could have stopped the possession if he really tried, but his obsession to beat Goku got the better of him). In his battle against Majin Buu, he fights for his family and the Earth, even sacrificing himself to save them, but fails. After the defeat of Kid Buu, he had a change of heart and his angry grudge against Goku became a friendly rivalry. By the end of Dragon Ball Z, he is a complete different person than who he was in his debut, and has fully redeemed himself from his past deeds.

At the beginning of the series to near the end, Vegeta has shown to be very arrogant. A strong example of this is shown when he is fighting Semi-Perfect Cell. Though he could have ended the battle in an instant, his arrogance got the best of him and he purposely let Cell absorb Android 18 just to fight a stronger opponent and test his power.

Vegeta has also shown himself to be extremely aggressive and angry. Throughout the first half of the Frieza Saga, whoever he faced and defeated he killed without mercy. (His only sign of mercifulness is when he lets the "new" Captain Ginyu go as he didn't want frog guts on his clean boots.)

Vegeta has also been seen scared of opponents like Broly, but is shown to come around. This could be out of respect for the rumor of The Legendary Super Saiyan.


Behind the childhood of Vegeta

A young Vegeta combats a team of Saibamen.

Vegeta was born in the year 732 A.D. and is first seen in his youth in Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku . Vegeta destroyed 6-7 Saibamen effortlessly in this movie. The movie also depicts Vegeta's father, King Vegeta, as King of the Saiyan race. However, he (along with the young prince) was under the rule of the interplanetary warlord Frieza. Frieza killed King Vegeta and destroyed the Saiyan planet, Planet Vegeta. With this annihilation, Frieza took out all the Saiyans, with the exception of Goku, Raditz, Vegeta and Nappa (Turles, Paragus, Broly and Tarble also survived, but they are not part of manga canon). Frieza kept Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz as slaves to do his bidding, while Goku escaped the devastation by being sent to cleanse Earth of its inhabitants moments before it was destroyed. Vegeta constantly refers to himself as the "Prince of all Saiyans", a title he is extremely proud of. Vegeta does not refer to himself as the "King of all Saiyans", possibly out of respect for his father, a refusal to admit the extinction of the Saiyans, or because he was never formally declared King.

Behind the prince

As the Prince of the demolished Planet Vegeta, Vegeta was initially introduced as an unrepentant villain. From his evil intentions before he joined the Z Fighters, Vegeta has been typically characterized as extremely arrogant, vengeful, and somewhat cold. Many early stints of heroism were due to self-interest or revenge, although he later settles down and grows fond of Earth as his home, fathering two children and marrying Bulma. His opinion of Goku always being one step ahead of him, even though he is a lower class Saiyan, runs the gamut from contempt to rivalry, and later to respect and friendship. Naturally, Goku always takes an optimistic opinion about him. Vegeta is more of a tactical fighter, but often, his rage or arrogance blinds him in his fighting style. His royal blood and intense fighting style have both benefited and harmed him in many battles. Vegeta is five years older than Goku, meaning he was approximately five when the events of Bardock: The Father of Goku took place.

Vegeta and Bulma

Vegeta and Bulma initially meet on planet Namek, but neither actually talked to the other; Bulma was too frightened, and Vegeta did not care, especially when his main concern was to find the Dragon Balls. However, their first interaction with each other was prior to his battle with Zarbon, to which Vegeta threatened to kill both Bulma and Krillin.

Despite their rocky start, Bulma was more than willing to put up with Vegeta, even if he scared her. Upon his resurrection after being killed by Frieza, and then being teleported to Earth, Bulma invites Vegeta to live at Capsule Corp as he has nowhere to go, on the condition that he does not touch her. Vegeta reluctantly accepts her offer, but quickly leaves Earth in search for Goku after he discovers his unwillingness to return back to Earth from the Namek Dragon. During his absence on Earth, Bulma begins to slowly but surely show signs of affection towards the Saiyan Prince, after having a dream about him; she also shows a deep concern for him after being informed that his ship is about to run out of fuel soon. Her then boyfriend Yamcha not only begins to get jealous, but also shows resentment towards Vegeta, who has no idea about Bulma's feelings towards him.

At one time, Vegeta was seriously injured after his training capsule exploded while he tried to train under 400 to 500 times normal gravity. Bulma nurses him back to care, and even kisses the oxygen mask he had on. Later, Vegeta awakes to find Bulma asleep beside him, and wonders why she's there. Bulma also tells Vegeta to stop training because of his injuries, but Vegeta refuses to listen, and tells her to leave him alone. Presumably after a year since Future Trunks' warning about the Androids, Bulma eventually breaks up with Yamcha and gets romantically involved with Vegeta, which ultimately leads to the birth of Trunks. However, even the birth of their son was not enough to bring the two together, as Vegeta prioritized his rivalry with Goku before anything else. Arguments were common between the two, with Bulma often calling Vegeta a jerk and Vegeta showing little to no care or emotion for his son or his future wife; this was demonstrated during an incident in which Bulma's plane is destroyed and their lives are at risk. When Future Trunks saves the two and questions Vegeta as to why he didn't save them, Vegeta responds that he has "more important things to worry about than that foolish woman and her blasted child." Bulma later humiliates Vegeta in front of everyone when she says that every time he sticks his "Geeky little face" up to Trunks, it makes Trunks cry, much to Krillin and Gohan's amusement. [citation needed] The circumstances surrounding their child's conception prove that it was no more than a brief affair (as Future Trunks stated that it was based soley on passion and lonliness). Their indifferences toward each other in the Android and Cell Games sagas were obvious, but it also evident that she still harbored affection towards him and he acknowledged her as his future wife and Trunks as his son. Despite this, they had a rocky relationship and constantly argued, usually over their son.

However, the seven years of peace that came after the conclusion of the Cell Games would suggest that the two settled their differences and began to have a much better relationship than previously. Vegeta eventually grows fond of his family and even begins to deeply care about Bulma and Trunks, although he is ashamed of himself for it due to his goal to become better than Goku. He admitted about his love for his family when speaking to Goku before his fight with Majin Buu; he embraced his son for the first time and telling him how proud he is to be Trunks' father before he sacrificed himself to save his family. He further expressed anger when he learned that she had been killed by Buu, and later at Goku for leaving Trunks behind when the Earth exploded. Another more comical show of his fondness towards Bulma can be seen in his angry reaction when he finds out that Goku promised Elder Kai that he could kiss her. After Buu's defeat, he started spending more time with his family than before. Four years later, they welcome a daughter, Bulla. Vegeta is strict with Trunks and tends to be overprotective of Bulla, but it is clear that he loves them both. Despite their frequent arguments, their marriage turned out to be a good one and their family is a close one.

Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta Saga

Main article: Vegeta Saga

Vegeta is introduced in Dragon Ball Z at age 29 as a mercenary for Frieza. A year later, Vegeta comes to Earth when he receives Raditz's report of seven magic objects known as the Dragon Balls which will grant wishes. After hearing this report, and of Raditz's defeat, Vegeta and his companion, Nappa, decides to come to Earth and use the Dragon Balls to wish for immortality. Goku and the Z Fighters are warned of their arrival, and begin to train themselves. When they landed on Earth, Nappa and Vegeta wreaked havoc with little to stop them. They were then confronted by Piccolo , Tien, Chiaotzu, Yamcha, Krillin, and Gohan. After losing Yamcha (after one Saibamen's self destruct), the rest of Z Fighters power up and defeat the remaining Saibamen.

Vegeta and Nappa are impressed, but Nappa decides to heat things up by being the first to battle Earth's defenders. Vegeta sits back and watches the show. Nappa easily dominates all the Z Fighters, resulting in Tien's death. He does manage to be wounded every now and then, but for the most part he seems in total control of the battle. Chiaotzu dies soo

Vegeta in his traditional Saiyan armor.

n after in a desperate attempt to kill Nappa, in which he self-destructs on Nappa's back, he also laughs when Nappa was insulted by Piccolo but warns Nappa about Krillin's Disk attack. The Z Fighters desperately needed Goku's help, but Goku was still trying to reach the site of the battle. Goku, after training with King Kai, was now much more powerful than when he fought Raditz. He flew down the long Snake Way, but eventually made it off Snake Way, and lands on Earth. He quickly makes it to the battle field using his Flying Nimbus. Nappa was about to kill Gohan, when Piccolo stood between Nappa's attack and Gohan, thus sacrificing himself for Gohan's sake. Goku arrived just before he could land his second blow. Vegeta detects the high power level of Goku with his scouter, and after a quick introduction, Goku begins to fight Nappa. Goku and Nappa seemed to be evenly matched at first, but the benefits of Goku's training quickly became evident. When Vegeta calls Nappa back, the brutish Saiyan decides that he will kill Gohan and Krillin instead. Goku invokes the Kaio-ken technique, and stops Nappa before he can do anything, crippling him in the process.. Because of Nappa's failure to defeat a low class Saiyan like Goku, Vegeta kills him. After giving everyone Senzu Beans, which fully recovers the user's strength, Goku tells Gohan and Krillin to leave Vegeta to him.

File:Goku vs vegeta.png

Goku and Vegeta's epic beam struggle

They eventually agree, and leave the battle field. Vegeta offers Goku a chance to join him, but Goku quickly turns down the offer as he already had everything he wanted, and had already seen Vegeta how treats his "teammates". The fight begins, and it is made clear that Vegeta is even stronger than the much-improved Goku. Even using Kaio-ken at the second level (Kaio-ken times two) wasn't enough to stop Vegeta. Thus, Goku had to push the multiplier of the technique even higher, ignoring King Kai's warnings. With this power, Goku turned the tables and completely pummeled Vegeta, and the Prince of Saiyans lost his temper and decided he would destroy the planet with his Galick Gun technique, and go find the Dragon Balls on Namek instead. However, Goku countered the Galick Gun with a Kamehameha, and the two struggled for several minutes. Finally, Goku used Kaio-ken x4 to boost his power even higher, overwhelming Vegeta and sending him skywards. Vegeta managed to escape the beam carrying him ever higher, and realized that Goku's strength was superior to his. Thus, Vegeta decided to transform himself into a Great Ape, which would multiply his power ten fold. When Vegeta transformed, Goku was completely outclassed and had to resort to using the Spirit Bomb technique. However before he could use it, Vegeta disrupted it. Vegeta then began to slowly crush Goku, instead of killing him quickly.

Krillin and Gohan had seen the Moon Burst technique that Vegeta had used to transform, and had returned to the battle. Upon finding Goku defeated, they attempted to distract Vegeta and cut off his tail, in order to force him back to his normal form. This attempt failed, but Yajirobe succeeded where the strong Z Fighters had not. When he was back to normal, Vegeta became enraged and fought Gohan briefly. Despite Gohan's efforts, Vegeta is far stronger and faster than he is. Goku then decides to give Krillin the last of the Spirit Bomb he managed to retain. Krillin accepted this new energy, and was instructed by Goku how to unleash it on Vegeta.

Panicking at first, Krillin receives further instructions from North Kai, and he hurls the Spirit Bomb at Vegeta. At first it missed, but Gohan was pure enough that he could bounce the energy back, striking Vegeta. The Spirit Bomb devastated him, reducing his energy and strength greatly; but he miraculously survived. Vegeta then draws upon his dwindling Ki reserves and unleashes a mighty blast that strikes down everyone nearby. Vegeta notices that Gohan has regrown his tail from the effects of the Moon Burst, and realizes that he may soon transform. The villain is unable to prevent this thanks to Yajirobe distracting him with an attack from behind. Realizing his mistake, Vegeta quickly returns to Gohan, but was too late. Gohan was a Great Ape, and Vegeta was no match for him. However, Vegeta could out-think the primitive ape form of Gohan, and manages to cut off Gohan's tail, returning the young half-breed to normal size. Before Gohan could fully return to normal, however, he fell on Vegeta as a Great Ape, and Vegeta was unable to dodge in his wounded state. Vegeta finally retreats, and crawls to his space pod, realizing he cannot keep fighting in his current condition. Krillin was about to kill him with Yajirobe's katana sword, but Goku asked him to let Vegeta go. Vegeta then departs Earth, and his space pod takes him to one of the planets controlled by Frieza. With his extreme arrogance he cannot understand how a "low-class" Saiyan like Goku could have bested him, unwilling to factor the contributions of the other three warriors into the battle. The Saiyan Saga ends.

File:Vegeta,trunks, bulma and bra.jpg

Vegeta with his family Bulma(Left) Trunks(right)

Namek Saga

Main article: Namek Saga

After rehabilitation, Cui tells Vegeta that Frieza is already on Namek alongside his henchmen Zarbon and Dodoria and they are searching for the Dragon Balls. Without wasting any time, Vegeta makes his way to Planet Namek, now planning to make a wish with the Namekian Dragon Balls. During his stay on the planet he meets up with Krillin and Gohan, who were also in search of the Namekian Dragon Balls. He tries to track them down and torment them, but eventually leaves them alone since he has much bigger problems such as Frieza, his previous master and the warlord who was also in search in the mystical Balls. While on Namek, Vegeta is followed and ambushed by Cui. Frieza had given Cui the order to terminate Vegeta, something he had been hoping to hear for many years. However, Vegeta's encounter with the earthlings allowed his strength to grow exponentially higher (as a Saiyan's strength increases in proportion to how near death a battle leaves him) and he easily overcomes Cui. Vegeta later takes the opportunity to dispatch Dodoria as well. Once Dodoria is alone, Vegeta learns from him the true circumstances of Planet Vegeta's destruction by Frieza himself. Vegeta is not in a forgiving mood so he ruthlessly executes Dodoria as well. After killing Dodoria, Vegeta goes and causes mass havoc in a Namekian village in order to obtain one of the Dragon Balls. Frieza and his henchmen had already collected five Dragon Balls so he hopes to hang on to one and steal the rest from Frieza when the opportunity would show itself.


After defeating Vegeta in a fierce battle, Zarbon takes him to a rejuvenation chamber in order to heal him for questioning.

Once Vegeta obtains one Dragon Ball and hides it, he takes flight and he soon comes face to face with Frieza's most powerful henchman, Zarbon. Vegeta and Zarbon enter a fierce battle and Vegeta seems to have the upper hand until Zarbon undergoes a powerful reptilian transformation. Zarbon and Vegeta resume the brutal battle. Before finishing the battle, Zarbon reveals to Vegeta that Frieza can also transform. Zarbon easily defeats Vegeta with multiple kicks and combos and performs a powerful piledriver, sending Vegeta headfirst into the ground and completely battered. Zarbon returned to Frieza to relay the message of his victory, but Frieza wasn't satisfied. Frieza knows that Vegeta may know the location of one of the Dragon Balls so he sends Zarbon to go and retrieve Vegeta and heal him for questioning. Vegeta was later dragged back to Frieza's ship by Zarbon, where he healed him in a rejuvenation chamber. Vegeta waited for the right opportunity to escape. He made a clever distraction (he blasted the wall to the outside off leading Frieza and Zarbon to believe he ran off, although he was actually hiding in the ship) and ran away with Frieza's collected Dragon Balls. Frieza is extremely angered and he sends Zarbon after Vegeta once more, giving him a limit of one hour. Zarbon is able to locate Vegeta, along with Krillin and Bulma. A fierce clash ensues and the now healed and fully rejuvenated Vegeta reveals that he has become stronger from his near death experience. Zarbon cannot believe it, but he is unable to defeat Vegeta even in his transformed state. Vegeta ruthlessly slams his fist through Zarbon's stomach and blasts him, sending him to a watery grave in the Namekian sea. Krillin, realizing that he can't keep the Dragon Ball from Vegeta, begrudgingly hands it over without a fight. Vegeta now had six of the seven Dragon Balls in his grasp, and needed only one more to make his dream of immortality a reality. While en route to where he had hidden his Dragon Ball, he meets up with Gohan, and injures the boy for fun before leaving him. After getting back to where he had hidden his Dragon Ball, Vegeta realizes that Gohan had stolen it and berates himself for letting a kid fool him. He heads back to where Bulma had made her hideout and destroys it, but to his frustration finds that everyone had already left.

Captain Ginyu Saga

Main article: Captain Ginyu Saga After Frieza realized that both Zarbon and Dodoria had been killed, he decided to summon the Ginyu Force, his hired mercenaries. The Ginyu Force were a team of 5, consisting of: Recoome, Burter, Jeice, Guldo, and Captain Ginyu. They were a strange, yet powerful group Frieza always relied greatly on. After they were summoned, Frieza instructed the Ginyu Force to kill whoever was responsible for the stealing of his Dragon Balls, and the defeat of his top two henchmen. Meanwhile, Vegeta senses the Ginyu Force's power levels, and prolongs his search of the last Dragon Ball. During his search, he confronts Gohan and Krillin again. He decides to join an uneasy alliance with them to take down the Ginyu Force. During all this drama, Goku was also heading to Planet Namek after hearing from King Kai, his friends were in danger of Frieza. During his travel, Goku was training much harder than when he was on King Kai's Planet. And as a result, was growing more powerful. Back on Namek, Vegeta and his alliance of Gohan and Krillin confronted the Ginyu Force. The first member of the Force, Guldo, was the weakest, yet trickiest of them all. He had the ability to freeze time. This gave Vegeta and his alliance a tough time. Eventually, Vegeta figured out how to kill Guldo, and beheaded the short villain. Next up was Recoome. He was much more powerful than Guldo, and completely dominated the alliance.

Even Vegeta was no match, and was being trampled all over. Even though he was tremendously powerful, Recoome always left himself open from his silly childishness and wackiness. Before he was about the finish the alliance, Recoome and the Ginyu Force sensed a much more powerful power nearby. Goku just landed on Namek, and was targeting where his friends were. Captain Ginyu, leader and most powerful member of the Ginyu Force, was personally taking care of the Dragon Balls for Frieza. Back on the battle field, Goku confronts the Ginyu Force members, including the powerful Recoome, and easily dominates them all. He defeats Recoome in one blow, so quick that no one was able to notice him even move. Goku was later tag teamed up on by Jeice and Burter and eventually defeats them both with swiftly. Vegeta then kills Burter and Recoome, much to Goku's dismay. Vegeta and his alliance were revived by Goku's Senzu Beans. Vegeta was shocked at how powerful Goku had become, and acknowledged the Saiyan's power. However, the conniving Vegeta leaves Goku to the captain of the Ginyu Force. After hearing from the only survivor of Goku's assault, Jeice, that all his members were ambushed, the leader of the Ginyu Force, Captain Ginyu, personally confronts Goku himself. Using his scouter, he came to the conclusion that Goku's power was astonishing. He briefly fights Goku, and seems to be inferior to the mighty Saiyan. Captain Ginyu then uses his special ability of Body Switching, and switched Bodies with Goku. However, he cleverly injured his body, before entering Goku's, making Goku in Captain Ginyu's body to be in great pain.

The new Captain Ginyu in Goku's body, now wields a great power from Goku. He starts to fool Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan. Vegeta however, realized that Goku was not himself. Krillin and Gohan were easily fooled, but immediately came to their senses that Goku isn't himself when they saw Goku wearing a scouter, and hanging around Jeice. Krillin and Gohan then joined forces to stop Captain Ginyu in Goku's body. Meanwhile, Vegeta handles Jeice on his own. He swiftly takes care of the meddling Ginyu Force member, and heads off to fight Captain Ginyu. Goku, now in Captain Ginyu's body, makes an alliance with Gohan, Vegeta, and Krillin, to stop Ginyu in Goku's body. As Ginyu had figured out how to use Goku's body, he took the upper hand against Krillin and Gohan. Vegeta however, completely overpowered him and was about to finish him off. Captain Ginyu fired another change beam, which was fortunately intercepted by Goku, and both returned to their original bodies. Captain Ginyu, now in his old body, was no match for Goku or Vegeta. He was being pummeled by Vegeta. Knowing he is finished, Captain Ginyu planned another Body switch using his change beam, with Vegeta. The beam was about to connect with Vegeta, but Goku threw a frog in between them. The body switch was now with a Frog. Captain Ginyu was now a frog, and the frog was Captain Ginyu. Vegeta decides to not kill Goku and take his revenge on him, because he needs his help to stop Frieza. Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan take Goku into a recovery chamber, where he would begin healing.

Frieza Saga

Main article: Frieza Saga Eventually, after Cui, Dodoria, Zarbon, Guldo, Recoome, Burter, Jeice and Captain Ginyu have all failed in their attempts to kill Vegeta, Frieza decided to take matters into his own hands. After realizing his powerful Ginyu Force members were all taken down, Frieza was furious. He fled towards his ship to find any traces of his collected Dragon Balls. Meanwhile, Vegeta stands by a rejuvenating Goku. Vegeta spares Goku only in time on his assistance against Frieza. Krillin and Gohan gather the 7 Namekian Dragon Balls, and began telling their wishes. Their first wish was for Piccolo's return. Then they wished to transport him back on Namek. Their 3rd and final wish was interrupted by an enraged Vegeta. He found out about their schemes, from looking at the dark skies. Frieza also realized this strange feature, and was gaining on them at high speeds. Vegeta pries Dende, the wisher of the Namekian Dragon, to wish him immortality to stop Frieza. The wish almost succeeded, but Guru, the eldest of all Nameks, died. Then, Frieza showed up. He provided a sneak peak at his amazing power, but Vegeta was able to match him.

Vegeta told Frieza to transform and explained that Zarbon had already mentioned that Frieza also had the ability to transform, seeing it was no longer a secret. As a result, Frieza decided to transform with some provocation from Vegeta. In this new form, Frieza was far too powerful for either Vegeta, and especially Krillin, Dende, or Gohan. Goku was healing, and even he could sense Frieza's awesome power. Frieza badly injured Krillin by stabbing him with his huge horns. This enraged Gohan, who, after awakening his dormant hidden power, makes a surprise attack on Frieza and temporarily hurts him, but to no avail. After doing away with Gohan, Frieza was then confronted by Piccolo, who had fused with Nail to become even more powerful. It seemed Piccolo could handle Frieza in his 2nd Transformation. As a result, Frieza decided to transform into his most hideous form. After transforming yet again, Frieza was once again too powerful for anyone, including the fused Piccolo. He was being completely dominated by Frieza's immense strength. Gohan, once again spurred on, races to help Piccolo and unleashes a massive "Masenko" on Frieza, hindering him for quite a bit of time. When Frieza eventually manages to deflect this (with a measure of difficulty), Vegeta realized Frieza may be too strong for even him or Goku, and concocts a plan to reach the rank of Super Saiyan by having Krillin hurt him badly, leaving only an inch of his life, then having Dende heal him (because Saiyans grow stronger when they recover from near-death experiences). He fails utterly, as Frieza decided yet again to transform due to Gohan, when angered, being powerful enough to deter his 3rd form.

File:Freeza Beam.jpg

Vegeta meets his end at the hands of Frieza

Even Goku had to open his eyes in awe of Frieza's frightening power. Frieza first killed Dende, injured Piccolo, and then began brutalizing Vegeta. Vegeta was on the brink of death from Frieza's assault, until the renewed Goku showed up and briefly rescued him. However, Frieza fired a Death Beam right through Vegeta's heart, ending the Saiyan Prince's life. Vegeta dies slowly and painfully, pouring his heart and his past out to Goku as the only other pure-blooded Saiyan left alive. Goku vows to take revenge for Vegeta on behalf of their race, burying the fallen prince. Goku then fights Frieza. Vegeta is resurrected when a wish is made with the Dragon Balls to bring back everyone killed on Planet Namek by Frieza. He is revived and brought to Earth, but not before he sees that Goku has transformed into the legendary Super Saiyan warrior that Saiyan legend says will appear only every three millennia. Meanwhile, Goku defeats Frieza but, unbeknownst to Goku or anyone else, Frieza survives. Goku then retreats to train and heal in space. Vegeta follows him in a spaceship he steals from Bulma.

Garlic Jr. Saga

Main article: Garlic Jr. Saga Vegeta travels through space in an attempt to locate Goku and find out from him how to become a Super Saiyan, and attacks and kills a number of Frieza's remaining minions to show them that their leader is dead. (This occurs only in the anime.)

Trunks Saga

Main article: Trunks Saga More than a year after the events on planet Namek, Vegeta (now age 32)returned to Earth, not having found Goku. Vegeta had been training during that time, and was quite a bit more powerful than before. However, he still did not achieve the rank of a Super Saiyan. After calling off his search he lives in Capsule Corp., Frieza and his father, King Cold, are sensed on their way to Earth, Frieza having survived the explosion of Namek. However, a young man appeared, named Future Trunks, transformed into a Super Saiyan, and destroyed both Frieza and his father. After the fight, Trunks explained he has come from the future in a time machine, and said that Goku will soon arrive. The Z Warriors (Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha, Gohan, Vegeta, and Krillin), along with Bulma, waited for 2 hours for Goku's arrival. Vegeta was curious as to who the stranger really is. He was jealous of the young warrior's ability to become a Super Saiyan, seeing Future Trunks as an obstacle to his goal of becoming the strongest fighter in the Universe, by obtaining the Super Saiyan form. Eventually, Goku shows up - he explained that he ended up on Planet Yardrat and learned Instant Transmission from the natives. Future Trunks speaks with Goku privately, after testing the Saiyan's power briefly. He tells Goku that his father is Vegeta, his mother is Bulma, and he is a Super Saiyan. Goku doesn't talk about this with the others, so the future isn't changed. But he will speak about Future Trunks being a Saiyan, which will make Vegeta angry and jealous. He says it is impossible, because there is no way for the boy to have Saiyan blood (he and Goku being the last of the Saiyans, with Gohan being a half-breed).

Future Trunks then gives Goku an antidote for a heart virus that Future Trunks says Goku will soon develop. He also says that in three years Androids, created by former Red Ribbon Army scientist Dr. Gero, will appear, kill all of the Z Fighters, and begin a reign of terror over the Earth. During the next three years, the Z Fighters began to train very hard. Vegeta was no exception, as he trained the hardest to become a Super Saiyan. After witnessing Goku, a lower class, and another stranger he doesn't even recognize as from his race, being Super Saiyans, Vegeta trained in just pure determination.

Androids Saga

Main article: Androids Saga

A year and a half after Future Trunks' arrival, Vegeta and Bulma become romantically involved, and subsequently, a baby boy named Trunks is born to Vegeta and Bulma. A year after his son's birth, the prophesied Android 19 and Android 20 appear. Goku fights Android 19, and puts up a great fight as a Super Saiyan, but the heart disease begins to attack him during the battle. The Z Fighters were about to intervene and save Goku, as the Androids began to strangle him, but Vegeta (now age 35) came out of nowhere and kicked the Android in the face, saving Goku. Goku is then flown home by Yamcha, where the heart medicine is. Vegeta surprises everyone by transforming into a Super Saiyan. Vegeta then began to effortlessly demolish Android 19 with his increased power, and finished the android off with his new technique - the Big Bang Attack - after

Vegeta eliminates Android 19 with the Big Bang Attack.

ripping his hands off.


Android #18 breaks Vegeta's arm

Vegeta seemed to be far more powerful than both of the Androids, and Android 20 decided to flee. During this time, Future Trunks arrives and informs everyone that Android 19 and 20 are not the androids of his future world. Piccolo calls Future Trunks by name, causing Vegeta to realize who he really is; Vegeta is initially shocked by this realization, although he is also apparently resolved as this explains how the boy could become a Super Saiyan. After pursuing Android 20 (who is really Dr. Gero, with his brain in a cyborg body) Vegeta and the rest of the team discover Android 16, Android 17, and Android 18, who were activated by Android 20 in a desperate attempt to save himself. These Androids were far more powerful than either Dr. Gero, or Android 19. However, Android 17 crushes Dr. Gero's head, not being loyal to his creator at all. The three new Androids fly away from Dr. Gero's secret laboratory, but the Z Fighters follow them, and Vegeta challenges them to battle. He fights with Android 18, and seems to be doing fairly well at first, but is eventually defeated; Android 18 reveals that she was playing with him all along, adding insult to injury. When Piccolo, Tien, and Future Trunks step in, they too are beaten into submission. The Androids then head off to look for Goku in order to destroy him - the mission they were made for. Krillin, the only Z Fighter not to have gotten involved in the skirmish with the Androids, gives everyone Senzu Beans, which revived all of his fallen comrades. Vegeta then spends three days standing on a cliff, thinking about his defeat. He decides that there must be a level beyond Super Saiyan, and resolves to reach it. Vegeta enters the Hyperbolic Time Chamber at Kami's Lookout and trains for a whole year (a day outside) with Future Trunks. Meanwhile, Dr. Gero's ultimate Android creation, Cell, is discovered.

Perfect Cell Saga

Main article: Perfect Cell Saga


"Super Vegeta" delivers a heavy blow to Cell.

Imperfect Cell is first confronted by the new Super Namek version of Piccolo, formed by the merging of Kami and Piccolo into their original counterpart. After Imperfect Cell managed to absorb Android 17, and become even stronger than Piccolo, Vegeta and Future Trunks emerge from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and confront Semi-Perfect Cell. After powering up into a Ascended Super Saiyan, Vegeta completely dominated Semi-Perfect Cell, and even made the evil android beg him to allow him to absorb Android 18, in order to become complete, and make the fight more interesting. This strategy was obvious to everyone, including Vegeta, and he initially refuses. However, eager to show off his new power, Vegeta eventually permits Semi-Perfect Cell to do as he wishes, even going so far as to fight Future Trunks and stop him from preventing Semi-Perfect Cell's attainment of perfection. After becoming Perfect Cell, the android fights Vegeta a second time. This time Vegeta is the weaker one, and he had to resort to using his Final Flash technique, which, too his credit, was too strong for Cell to block. He dares Perfect Cell to take the attack head on, and Perfect Cell, confident that it will not harm him, stays put at the beam hits him. Though it failed to destroy Perfect Cell, the attack's power was obvious, as Perfect Cell was missing a third of his body from the blast. Perfect Cell regenerated, though, and then badly beat the weakened Vegeta. Perfect Cell then fought Future Trunks, who managed to put up a fight against the perfect Android, but he was defeated as well. Instead of killing the defeated Z Warriors, Perfect Cell proposes a tournament so that he can have some fun before destroying Earth. The tournament would commence in ten days.

Cell Games Saga

Main article: Cell Games Saga During this time, Goku and Gohan got their turn in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and began training, mostly for the purpose of Gohan becoming a Super Saiyan, his hidden power would be very useful then if he could at least keep up with Perfect Cell normally. All the Z Warriors then gathered at the tournament after nine days had passed. On the day of the tournament, the martial arts champion Hercule (known as Mr. Satan in the Japanese and uncut English versions) and his trainees attack Perfect Cell first, but they are easily defeated. Then the tournament truly begins, as Goku is the first of our heroes to fight Perfect Cell, even though he already knows that he will probably not be able to beat him. He matches Perfect Cell blow for blow and puts up a good fight; but as Goku expected, Perfect Cell is quite a bit stronger then him. Goku quits the fight after a huge Kamehameha that decreases his own power, and remembers the training inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber that him and Gohan went through. Goku is confident in his son's abilities and sends the 11-year-old Gohan out to fight Perfect Cell, assuring Perfect Cell that if Gohan couldn't beat him, no one would be able to. Gohan reluctantly fights Perfect Cell, but Gohan does not show the same love for fighting and confidence that Goku does, and it is that lack of interest in fighting and lack of confidence that gets him into trouble. Gohan doesn't use his full strength and Perfect Cell makes seven miniature versions of himself to fight the Z Fighters and eventually kill them. This charade continues until Android 16 (who is now allied with Goku) is killed - when this happens, Gohan's dormant power erupts in his rage and he transforms to a level that surpasses the known limits of a Super Saiyan. This new level of power is "Super Saiyan 2". It was just as Goku had predicted; Gohan with his awakened power, dominates the perfect android until a well placed punch to the stomach makes Perfect Cell regurgitate Android 18, forcing him to become semi-perfect again. No longer at his ultimate power, he begins to self destruct as a last resort. Goku teleports him to King Kai's Planet, and is killed in the explosion. Semi-Perfect Cell survives, and comes back in his perfect form, but due to his Saiyan genetics, Super Perfect Cell comes back stronger after his near fatal injury. He returns to Earth, where he kills Future Trunks with a full-power Death Beam attack. Vegeta attacks Super Perfect Cell in a fit of rage when he sees his son killed, blasting the android straight on with an incredible volley of Ki blasts. When it is all over, Super Perfect Cell emerges, unharmed, and knocks Vegeta aside. Gohan is then grievously wounded, losing the use of his left arm to protect Vegeta from the killing blow that followed.

What follows is a turning point in the life of the Warrior Prince: seeing that his pride and rage has taken the victory from a brother Saiyan and warrior, Vegeta, for the first time in his life, apologized for his arrogance.

After an intense Kamehameha duel, Super Perfect Cell is finally defeated by Gohan's Kamehameha attack after Vegeta distracts him with a ki blast to the back, allowing Gohan's beam to finally overcome Super Perfect Cell's. His last words on the battlefield are, "Kakarot, you died without fear. What does that make of me?" With the battle over, Vegeta began to finally accept his rapidly changing morality (as he, like Piccolo before him, had now grown to care for others), and began to settle down on Earth, becoming quite fond of it. Some time after the Cell Games, Vegeta and Bulma settle their differences and marry. As a result of the change in him, he begins to truly care about his family. Although he becomes a better husband and father, he continues to train for any other future threats.

Great Saiyaman Saga

Main article: Great Saiyaman Saga Seven years pass since the Cell Games, Vegeta is 42-years-old now and is constantly training with his 8-year-old son, Trunks. Now that Goku is gone, Vegeta's goal is no longer to become stronger than him, but it is now to make Trunks stronger than Goten. He is first seen emerging from a gravity room after training with Trunks, when Gohan comes to have fun with Trunks. While Gohan greets Vegeta kindly, Vegeta gives Gohan a cold look and tells him that he should continue training, even in peacetime. Upon hearing from Gohan that Goku will be coming to Earth for 24 hours to fight in the World Tournament, Vegeta boasts and claims that he will beat Gohan, Goten (Goku's second son who was born shortly after Super Perfect Cell's death) and Goku in the Tournament. A few weeks before the tournament, Vegeta is training with Trunks when Trunks transforms in front of him for the first time, which shocks Vegeta due to Trunks' young age. Proud to see his son growing stronger but curious to know if Trunks or Goten is stronger than the other, he has Trunks attack him and unintentionally hits him, which makes him feel guilty. He then learns that Trunks is stronger because he is a year older.

World Tournament Saga

Main article: World Tournament Saga Vegeta is eager to fight Goku in this tournament to prove that he was the stronger one and to his delight, his first match is with Goku. Goku meets his son Goten and the tournament starts. Soon, Supreme Kai and Kibito appear and tell Goku that a wizard named Babidi is about to unleash an evil monster named Majin Buu on the world, and they must help stop him. Majin Buu needs energy from fighters so he can be freed from the shell he is trapped inside. Goku prepares to go with Supreme Kai but Vegeta is enraged - he was scheduled to fight Goku, and thinks Goku is trying to wiggle out of it. He joins Goku, Gohan, Videl, Piccolo and Krillin. They follow Supreme Kai to Babidi's ship. However, the gang is ambushed, and Piccolo and Krillin are turned to stone statues by Dabura, one of Babidi's henchmen. Videl returns to the tournament, advised that the fight against Babidi might be too dangerous for her as she is inexperienced. Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and Supreme Kai enter Babidi's ship.

Babidi Saga

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Vegeta in his Majin state

They fight their way down the levels, encountering a different Majin (Babidi's fighters) at each level - Vegeta was the first character to fight. He fought Pui Pui and easily dominated him. Goku was up next, and he fought a pet creature of Babidi known as Yakon. At first, Yakon was troublesome, seeing as though he has the ability to see in dark, and Goku didn't. However, Goku manages to defeat to creatures from him absorbing too much of his energy, briefly giving Vegeta a glimpse of Goku's Super Saiyan 2 powers. At this point, Vegeta realizes that even though he has trained for seven years, there was still a gap between Goku's power and his. Then Gohan begins to fight Dabura. During the fight between Gohan and Dabura, Vegeta and Goku had an argument about how to best handle the Babidi/Majin Buu threat. Dabura retreats, saying that there is a different fighter who is more powerful. They are confused - Supreme Kai says that Dabura is the most powerful Majin. Suddenly, Vegeta begins acting strangely, claiming that something invisible is attacking him. Supreme Kai informs the others that Babidi is trying to take over Vegeta's mind, and they encourage him to fight back: but it is too late. Vegeta is overwhelmed by Babidi, and is transformed into a much more powerful stage, Majin Vegeta. Babidi orders his new apprentice, Majin Vegeta, to destroy Goku, Gohan and Supreme Kai, but he refuses. He says he will only fight Goku.

Majin Vegeta fights SSJ2 Goku

Babidi is surprised by Majin Vegeta's ability to fight his mind control, but obediently transports the three fighters and Supreme Kai back to the World Martial Arts Tournament. Majin Vegeta eager to fight Goku, blows up part of the spectator stands to convince Goku to fight him. Goku eventually agrees. Supreme Kai tries to get in the way of the 2 Saiyan feud, but backs down when Goku threatens to blast him if he gets in the way. Goku and Majin Vegeta then are teleported to a secluded mountain area, and fight. Majin Vegeta revealed to Goku that he deliberately let Babidi to control him in order to allow his evilness to resurface again because his powers draw on his desires to crush his enemies. After that, Majin Vegeta and Goku both power-up to Super Saiyan 2, with power levels far greater then Gohan's when he fought Perfect Cell; then Goku and Majin Vegeta fight furiously, with each fighter having their glorious moment.

Majin Buu Saga

Main article: Majin Buu Saga They both were perfectly even. He admitts to Goku that he allowed himself to fall under Babidi's spell so he can gain the power to beat him, further saying that he wanted to be the cold-hearted prince he was before he settled on Earth and had a family that he had grown to care for. Throughout the battle, Babidi is drawing off the energy spent by Goku and Majin Vegeta and using it to try and revive the sleeping Majin Buu. Eventually, Goku calls a halt to the fight, as he senses Majin Buu's extraordinary power, and knows he has been released. When Goku turns his back to get out the last senzu bean and split it between him and Majin Vegeta to stop Majin Buu, Majin Vegeta attacks and knocks him out. Majin Vegeta takes the Senzu Bean and goes to fight Majin Buu by himself: he feels that he owes Goku for the destruction wrecked during the Cell Games, as it was his fault Semi-Perfect Cell absorbed Android 18. Majin Vegeta wants to repay his debt by saving the Earth.


Vegeta vs Buu

Majin Vegeta fights Majin Buu, but cannot win. He attempts many blows on Majin Buu, but the pink monster seems invincible. In the end, Majin Vegeta decides to use a Self Destruct technique, but before he goes through with it, he hugs Trunks for the first time and knocks him and Goten out so they can be taken to safety. Determined to protect his family and home, he kills himself in an attempt to kill Majin Buu in a nuke-like explosion. At the end all that is left of him is a few broken bits of his stone body. This technique fails, as Majin Buu regenerates from the pieces of him which are left. Everyone finds out about Vegeta's sacrifice, and mourns on the Saiyan Prince's demise.

When Bulma and Yamcha wished back everyone who died after the World Tournament, Vegeta did not come back due to the fact that he had already been wished back once before (during the Frieza Saga).

File:Vegeta self destructions.jpg

Vegeta sacrifices it all to kill Majin Buu

Fusion Saga

Main article: Fusion Saga Later on in the series, Vegeta is given the chance of another shot at Majin Buu by King Yemma. Vegeta accepted, but not before destroying a large portion of King Yemma's office due to the fact that despite his best efforts he couldn't defeat Majin Buu. He returns to Earth - unfortunately, he's still dead. He finds Goku (now brought back to life, thanks to one of Supreme Kai's ancestors) who tells him that everyone has been killed or absorbed by Majin Buu. Majin Buu was now far more powerful than when Vegeta first fought him. As a result, Goku asks Vegeta to put on one of the Potara earrings so that they can permanently fuse their bodies and minds together and fight as one. Vegeta denies Goku's offer, and tells him that he knows about Goku again surpassing him, furious at the fact he has found and reached the new Super Saiyan 3 stage. Vegeta got angry at Goku for holding back in their fight before, and it got in the way of him accepting his offer. The new Majin Buu, now called Super Buu w/Gohan, confronted Goku and Vegeta.

At Super Saiyan 2, Goku and Vegeta were absolutely no match for him. They were both being completely dominated. As Buu was coming down with a finisher, Goku mentions the fact that Bulma has been killed and Trunks has been absorbed. Vegeta decides to go along with the plan even if it means being stuck with Goku forever, because he wants to avenge his family's death and to stop Super Buu. Vegeta then agrees with Goku, and they fuse to become Vegito. Vegito fights Super Buu w/Gohan absorbed. The fused Saiyan is far stronger than even the mass-absorbed Super Buu, easily able to beat him even after being turned to coffee-flavored jawbreaker. However, Vegito realizes that he cannot destroy Super Buu because his friends and family have been absorbed into Super Buu's body and allows himself to be purposely absorbed after putting up a barrier. The strange circumstances within Super Buu cause the fusion to separate and Goku and Vegeta find themselves back in their own bodies. Goku and Vegeta fight their way through Super Buu's body to the brain, where they find not only Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Piccolo but also the original fat form of Majin Buu.

They deduce from reading Majin Buu's mind that at some time in the past, Majin Buu split into his good and evil sides. The evil side absorbed the good side, Majin Buu. Goku and Vegeta fight a "thought-form" of Super Buu inside the brain, and get badly beaten. Super Buu's power had tremendously been decreased in comparison to when he fought Vegito. However, he was still stronger than both Goku and Vegeta, and to make matters worse, inside Buu's head the monster's very thoughts became reality. Super Buu was about to destroy Goku when Vegeta distracts him by threatening to tear Majin Buu out of the pod he was trapped inside. Super Buu gets really scared and frightened at what Vegeta is about to do, and begs the Saiyan prince to stop, saying, "If you pull those attachments, I won't be me anymore," which only seemed to increase Vegeta's interest in ripping them. Vegeta then pulls the pod, then he and Goku escape. They take their sons, and Piccolo with them. Once outside, they see that Super Buu's form is changing again. He morphs back into Kid Buu, his original form before he absorbed Grand Supreme Kai, the benevolent leader of the Supreme Kai's. The new Buu, Kid Buu, was the original, said-to-be pure form of Majin Buu. A form that is nothing but pure evil.

Kid Buu Saga

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Vegeta attacks Kid Buu

Kid Buu decides to destroy the earth in his wake. Vegeta and Goku have a small conversation afterwards, with Vegeta making fun of Goku because he was so worried but he just shrank. Goku and Vegeta cannot stop Kid Buu's horrible power, and the two Saiyans fly quickly to try and reach the now-free absorption victims, but Goku makes a detour and picks up Hercule, the young Namekian healer Dende, and Hercule's pet Labrador puppy, Bee. There is no time to save Gohan, Goten, Trunks or Piccolo and Goku uses Instant Transmission to transport himself, Vegeta, and the three others, to the Kai Planet (the sacred homeworld of the Supreme Kai's). Vegeta blames Goku for the needless death of their sons. They watch through a crystal ball and see that Kid Buu is destroying planet after planet in search of them. Kid Buu was aware they escaped, and as result decided to hunt them down. Goku and Vegeta decide it can't go on, and power up to entice him to come to the sacred planet to fight them. Kid Buu answered their call, and quickly made himself visible at the planet.

After playing a quick game of rock-paper-scissors to decide who faces Kid Buu first, Goku gets to fight first. He powers up to a Super Saiyan 2, and is easily dominated. He then powers up to a Super Saiyan 3, and evenly fights the psychotic demon. However, Kid Buu seems to have a slight advantage over Goku. Goku fights in his Super Saiyan 3 stage for a while, and as a result loses a colossal amount of energy. He starts losing so much power he eventually collapses when he tries to fire the powerful Kamehameha attack. Vegeta steps in and fights for a short time, but is no match for Kid Buu. Goku recovers in the nick of time and begins fighting again at his full strength. Vegeta goes through a long flashback sequence, remembering how he met Goku and everything that's happened since then - he thinks about their different attitudes to their families, about Goku's friends, and most of all about their strength. He finally comes to terms with Goku's greater power and acknowledges him as the best, "number 1" - it is Goku who will defeat Kid Buu. Even though vegeta transforms into a super Saiyan 3 it was revealed in dragon ball af while fighting his father in a super Saiyan 3 state vs king vegeta in super Saiyan form who uses multiplying technique .

Goku is the legend his race has been waiting for. Goku gradually began losing power despite being in Super Saiyan 3 form, and since Kid Buu maintained his full strength even after multiple powerful attacks from Goku, the Saiyan warrior began to panic. Vegeta fought Kid Buu as a distraction so Goku could get his energy back, even though he knew that his destruction would be permanent if he were destroyed while he was dead. Majin Buu later took Vegeta's place after being spit out. However, Goku was unable to get his energy back, reverting back into his base form. Vegeta realized that Goku couldn't defeat Kid Buu by using his power alone, and devised a plan for Goku to create a massive Spirit Bomb with energy given by all the people on Earth in order to destroy Kid Buu. Communicating with King Kai, he coordinated the search for the seven Dragon Balls of New Namek and had the Nameks use them to make three wishes: The first being the restoration of the destroyed Planet Earth,

The second wish affirms the sincerity of Vegeta's newfound humanity, as it entails the revival of everyone who had died since the arrival of Babidi who do not possess an evil heart, so that they can give their energy to the Spirit Bomb. When asked by Goku why the wish was worded so, he reasoned that to wish otherwise would revive Dabura and Babidi, and those whom he murdered at the tournament would stay dead. Surely enough, his own halo disappears, indicating that his heart was no longer an evil one.

This last wish, that of recovering Goku's full strength, was made when Kid Buu was about to overpower the Super Spirit Bomb. Combining Goku's enormous strength and Vegeta's strategic mind, the last two pure-blood Saiyans were able to defeat Kid Buu and save the universe. The fighters return to Earth and Vegeta begins to focus more on his family than before. Four years later, Vegeta and Bulma have a second child, their daughter, Bulla. Vegeta finally accepts Goku as a friend, but there is still a rivalry between them, this time more friendly. 10 years after the Kid Buu saga, Goku, Vegeta (now age 52), Trunks, Goten, and Pan enter the next World Martial Arts Tournament. Vegeta hopes to fight Goku (again) and Goku hopes to find the reincarnated version of Kid Buu (Uub). As both Goku and Uub fly away, Vegeta once again swears to himself that he will fight Goku as Dragon Ball Z ends.

Dragon Ball GT

Black Star Dragon Ball Saga

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Vegeta with his daughter, Bulla, in their brief appearance in the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga

In Dragon Ball GT, Vegeta (now age 57) had grown a mustache (which should not even be possible, given that Vegeta clearly states that full-blooded Saiyans are free from hair growth of any kind, to which Goku responds that it must be the reason why his hairstyle never changed), and he also got rid of his armor and now wears a jacket. However, he shaves the mustache off, shortly after his daughter, Bulla, tells him how much she hates it. His hair has also become noticeably shorter, the reasons for which never being told. Rumors humorously suggest that Trunks accidentally cut part of Vegeta's hair off with Tapion's sword, but this is never proven. It was his suggestion that Trunks and Goten go with Goku on the search for the Black Star Dragon Balls (Pan ultimately snuck aboard, and Goten was left behind).

Baby Saga

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Vegeta in Dragon Ball GT

In this saga, Baby, an artificially-created Tuffle came to Earth. These people were the race that used to live on the Saiyan's homeworld before being wiped out by the stronger race. He possessed people, including Gohan and Goten, to find Vegeta. Vegeta fought both Goten and Gohan, and beat them, but Baby entered Vegeta's body through a cut and proceeded to control him completely. Baby Vegeta spread his control, taking over the minds of everyone on Earth using special seeds, save those with special protection (i.e. Majin Buu's ability to control his body in any way he wishes protected him from the seeds). After creating a new Tuffle homeworld with the Black Star Dragon Balls, he began moving the people of Earth there bit by bit, proclaiming himself ruler. After a battle with Goku, who managed to reach Super Saiyan 4, Baby Vegeta transformed to a Golden Great Ape form. The two battled and Goku eventually won by blasting off Baby Vegeta's tail. Baby fled Vegeta's body and was blasted into the Sun by Goku.

Super 17 Saga

Main article: Super 17 Saga During the 30th World Martial Arts Tournament, Vegeta trys to compete, even though the tournament has already started. After the closing of the tournament, Vegeta challenges Goku to another fight, but it never happens due to Goku becoming hungry.

Soon after a rip between Hell and Earth is formed and many dead villans return.Vegeta easily kills Nappa again, and then battles against a Newer Version of Android #17. After Goku gets trapped in Hell and is forced to fight Frieza and Super Perfect Cell, Vegeta claims that he is the Earth's protector in the case of Goku's absence and is determined to win the battle against Super 17 (the fusion of Android 17 and a Newer version of Android 17). He even uses his Final Shine Attack, however this proves futile, as Super 17 simply absorbs the attack. It's Goku again who has to come to the rescue. Vegeta then decides to take care of Trunks, and tells him to rest, as he senses that Goku and Android 18 have finally delivered the final blow to Super 17.

Shadow Dragon Saga

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File:Vegeta ssj4 and omega sheeron DragonballGT-Episode061 81.jpg

In his Super Saiyan 4 transformation, Vegeta battles Omega Shenron.

As Goku continues to have trouble against the One Star Dragon, Omega Shenron, Vegeta comes to his aid. Transforming into a Golden Great Ape, due to the Blutz Wave Generator (a device invented by Bulma), Vegeta proceeded to become a Super Saiyan 4 after gaining control over the Great Ape form. When even this form failed to stop the Shadow Dragon, Goku and Vegeta fused to become Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. (Ironically, Vegeta was the one who suggested fusion this time.) Gogeta overwhelmed Omega Shenron in power almost bringing the heroes to victory, but the fusion time ran out before they could deliver the final blow. Vegeta then suggests using a Spirit Bomb to take out the creature and buys Goku some time to form it while he holds the Dragon back. Eventually, thanks to the people of the Earth and universe, Goku gains a big enough Spirit Bomb to destroy Omega Shenron. Before leaving forever, Goku tells Vegeta that the lives of everyone are now in his hands, passing the role of protector of the Earth and anyone in need of help, to Vegeta. With the threat of the Shadow Dragons gone, Vegeta lives in peace with his wife and children up until his death.

Forms and transformations

As a member of the Saiyan race, Vegeta possesses a large number of transformations that enhance his abilities to varying degrees and drastically alter his physical appearance. These forms are listed in the order they were attained.

Vegeta in his Great Ape transformation.

Great Ape

Main article: Great Ape This is Vegeta's least used transformation. He was only seen within this form twice in the series. The first time Vegeta transformed into this huge ape like monster, he used a power ball resembling similar effects of the moon. The second time when he transformed, was in GT when Bulma used the Blutz Wave Generator that she created for him, because he was missing his tail. His size is paramount, his ears are keen enough to hear a pin drop from a mile away. His eyes are big and red. He has sharp teeth, and a large "U" shaped mouth. Unlike Goku and Gohan, Vegeta retains his rationality when transformed (It is never shown how he obtained this ability, but it is assumed it is due to his training, or because of the fact that he is of the royal bloodline) . He is much more powerful than his normal form when transformed, and easily crushed Goku, who exclaimed that not even a Kaio-ken x 5 would work on him. Vegeta claimed that the power of the Great Ape form is ten times that of the Saiyan's base form. If this math can be applied to the power levels reported by scouters, his power level in this form would be 180,000, which is the same as Goku's when he fought the Ginyu Force on Namek. However, it is to be noted that Vegeta took a fair dip in power after losing the beam struggle against Goku who used the four-fold Kaio-ken, and then took another drop when generating the "Power Ball" necessary to induce his transformation, as stated by Goku; this should place his power used in the form at around the low 100 thousands, if not the high 10s of thousands.

Super Saiyan

Vegeta as a Super Saiyan

This is Vegeta's Super Saiyan form. Though it was only a Saiyan legend, Vegeta was fascinated with this transformation and obsessed over obtaining it so that he could avenge his race by having the power to defeat Frieza. Goku achieved the state prior to Vegeta however as did Future Trunks (Though chronologically, Vegeta actually achieved it first, as future Trunks achieved the form long after Vegeta had been killed and in the special when Gohan was) which only fueled his desire to unlock the potential hidden within him. Vegeta first showed off the Super Saiyan state while he was fighting Android 19, ripping off the robot's arm and thereby rendering it unable to keep absorbing his energy, after which he reduced it to a lifeless head with the Big Bang attack.

His power greatly increases from his regular level. His hair turns blond, the irises of his eyes become green, and he acquires a golden aura just as Goku had done before him. He gains a slight muscle increase as well. Vegeta mastered this level when he was training to surpass Goku, during the seven year period of peace between the Cell and Buu arcs, thus resulting in becoming much more powerful than when he first became a Super Saiyan or when he ascended to Super Saiyan 2nd Grade, able to remain in the transformation for multiple days without the normal exhaustion overcoming him. This is shown when he maintains the form auralessly as though it were his natural state during both his training with Trunks in the gravity chamber, and before his fight with Goku against Kid Buu.

Ascended SSJ Vegeta

Ascended Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan 2nd Grade

Main article: Ascended Super Saiyan This form wields much greater power than his Super Saiyan level. At this level, Vegeta personally calls himself "Super Vegeta." He has the same basic golden features of his Super Saiyan level, only now his muscles are much larger. His hair also is bigger and slightly sharper, and he looks and acts more dominant. Due to Vegeta's muscle mass increase, he is much stronger than in his Super Saiyan form and his speed and agility remains the same unlike the 2nd Stage Ascended Saiyan, which decreases in speed. Vegeta went through this transformation when he fought Semi-Perfect Cell, the battle against Perfect Cell (in which he got outmatched and was knocked out with his face to the ground after a hard hit to the spine, reverting him to base form). It is suggested by Tien that this form had a power equal to Perfect Cell's, and by Piccolo that Vegeta only lost against Cell because he fought sloppily. However it was soon realized that Cell was really holding back, "warming up," per se. #16 also notes that although Cell had grown much stronger after absorbing #18, he was still ahead in every way, though Vegeta immediately tells that Cell was holding back the majority of his power, and this is proven when Cell uses only a small fraction of his full power to nearly kill Vegeta.

Super Saiyan 2

Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta during the Majin Buu Saga

This is Vegeta's Super Saiyan 2 form. It is debatable when he first achieved this form. In the manga, there are quite a few hints he achieved it before the Majin powerup, with not many to none to the contrary, as Vegeta only states Goku to be stronger than Gohan once he, too transforms into a Super Saiyan 2, and he held complete confidence in his superiority over Gohan prior to the powerup, and transforms into this state on his own free will from Super Saiyan 1, long after he was boosted by Babidi's power up charm. He first uses this form when he fights against Goku while as Majin Vegeta. He also uses this form when fighting Super Buu before the Vegito fusion, albeit only in the anime. He also fights Kid Buu so Goku can gather enough energy in his Super Saiyan 3 form to defeat Kid Buu, during which he is severely beaten and reverted back to base as Goku fails to charge up his full power due to energy depletion. It was also used in the movies Fusion Reborn and the final movie, dubbed "Wrath of the Dragon," and in both instances he is again reverted back to base form, against Hildegarn knocked out in particular after defending a group of people inside a building that he was thrown into. Strangely enough, in all three of those instances, including when fighting Kid Buu, lightning is removed from his transformation despite the bolts constantly surrounding his body in the manga original, causing some confusion over whether he actually used this form in the Anime or not, as the bolts only appear for about a second when he fires a barrage of ki blasts to stall for time, possibly due to budget issues (even Super Saiyan 3 Goku has no lightning for this particular scene).

Super Saiyan 3

Vegeta after finally achieving what he initially perceived as impossible, Super Saiyan 3.

Several years later after the events of the Buu Saga, Vegeta began train much more rigorously in order to prepare himself for the inevitable where he would take over Goku's role as the protector of Earth. After at least two years of extreme conditioning and time spent in the gravity chamber coupled with his rage, the Saiyan prince had finally managed to ascend to what was once thought to be the ultimate transformation, Super Saiyan 3.

Much like Goku, Vegeta's appearance undergoes some drastic changes that seem like a major departure from previous forms. In this state, Vegeta loses his eyebrows, his eyes now possess bright blueish-green irises and black pupils, the hair's golden color becomes far more vibrant and it extends down to his back and finally, the golden aura becomes far more violent.

Unlike Goku however, Vegeta would rarely if ever use this transformation in combat mostly due to the massive amount of strain that it put on his body along with the limited time he could hold the form and instead, he worked towards training up his base form in order to reduce the risks and so that he is never left wide open once he ran out of energy.

Majin Vegeta


Majin Vegeta

Majin Vegeta is the state he finds himself in when he is sent under the control of Babidi. Vegeta becomes more bulky, veins are protruding out of him from random places and the "Majin" insignia is branded onto his forehead. In this state, the gap between his and Goku's power is finally closed, and they become dead even (although Goku could go Super Saiyan 3 at the time, which he chose not to, knowing its high ki demand and the fact that it would heavily reduce the time he would have on Earth). It is in Majin state that Vegeta first transforms to Super Saiyan 2 (though he initially appears as Super Saiyan, only transforming to fight Goku when he first transforms into level two), leading to some questioning whether Vegeta already could become Super Saiyan 2 or his Majin state unlocked it for him (Vegeta seems to heavily imply that he could already go Super Saiyan 2 with his claims about being much stronger than Gohan and being able to easily defeat Dabura who seemed to be as strong as Cell, according to Goku). It is just that he first exhibited Super Saiyan 2 while being a Majin, but probably acquired it earlier by himself. Vegeta is shown being a Super Saiyan 2 while a Majin until his death, and never reappears under this spell again in the series due to Babidi's death. (Note: as a Majin, the electricity generated as a Super Saiyan 2 is red.)

Majin Vegeta

Baby Vegeta

Main article: Baby Like Majin Vegeta, this is a form outside the normal Saiyan transformations. This was achieved when Vegeta was cut and then infected with the Baby alien. Vegeta was able to resist the takeover longer then anyone else but eventually Baby took control. Baby seems to have fused with Vegeta more completely than any of his other hosts, none of which were transformed. In the early stage, Vegeta's hair turns grey and red marks appear on his face. There is also a massive power augmentation. In this form, Baby Vegeta was completely unfazed by a full force punch to the face from a Super Saiyan 3 Goku. This form was transformed when Baby absorbed the negative energy from the infected people of earth, briefly taking a hybrid form, before finally becoming the more familiar Baby Vegeta.

Golden Great Ape

Main article: Golden Great Ape


Golden Great Ape Baby Vegeta battles Goku

Vegeta first attained this form whilst not under control of his own body. The entity known as Baby the artificial Tuffle had infested his body and taken control of Vegeta. Due to Baby-possessed Bulma's application of wave surges called "Blutz Waves Generator" ("Bruits Waves" in the original version), Baby was transformed into a Golden Great Ape in order to compete with Super Saiyan 4 Goku. In this state, Baby Vegeta was able to compete with the powerful Saiyan foe. After his tail was severed, Baby Vegeta reverted to Vegeta's normal state and Baby fled. This process was necessary for Vegeta to later attain Super Saiyan 4. It is unknown why Baby could not condense the Great Ape energy of Vegeta in order to become a Super Saiyan 4 Baby Vegeta before the tail was severed, though Vegeta speculates later on that it could be because of the Tuffle invading his Saiyan body.


Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta.

Super Saiyan 4

Main article: Super Saiyan 4This transformation was only seen within Dragon Ball GT. He was aided with the help of Bulma, using Blutz Wave Generator.(which is because it would take 3days for a full moon day to come and they did not have time for this therefore he was aided by Bulma). These waves ran through Vegeta's veins, forcing his tail to grow back, allowing him to transform into a Great Ape. His enormous power allowed him to transform into a Golden Great Ape, and then, upon gaining control of himself, Super Saiyan 4. Vegeta's features are quite different from his previous forms. He has red fur on his arms, and the sides of his chest, and his hair style changes, becoming longer and more wild. His hair becomes dark brown, and extends to his shoulders and his eyes are aqua-colored. This is Vegeta's strongest transformation. Unlike Goku, Vegeta cannot transform to a Super Saiyan 4 at his own will due to the lack of a tail; he uses a Blutz wave machine created by his wife, Bulma, to transform into a Golden Great Ape, and then into Super Saiyan 4. Over time, however, in the years after Dragon Ball GT, he trains hard enough to grow back his tail and gain the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan 4 at will.

Vegeta as a Super Saiyan 4

Super Saiyan God

While it was never shown on-screen during the movie, it is implied during the events of Resurrection F that Vegeta achieved the level of Super Saiyan God during his various training sessions with Whis though it's also been said that maybe he achieved it as well to do battle with Champa.

When in this form, Vegeta's general appearance remains unchanged with the exception of a few slight differences: the skin tone becomes darker; the hair loses any stray strands and lifts up slightly as well as adopts a reddish-purple coloring; Vegeta's eyes also grow ever so slightly, becoming sharper and the irises become red; the overall body structure appears to become thinner and slightly taller; the aura becomes more explosive and flame-like in appearance.

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan

After Goku lost the fight against Frieza in a moment where he was caught off-guard by a small blast by Sorbet, the tyrant offered Vegeta a chance to join him once again and lead the Frieza Force. Knowing full well that Frieza was lying, Vegeta refused the offer and instead transformed into an ascended God form that Goku showed off a little earlier beforehand and even though it isn't named in the movie, the form is officially titled Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.

In this form, Vegeta's physical structure is identical to the first Super Saiyan God form, overall body structure being thinner and slightly taller, his hair remains the same but instead of being black, it is now in a blue color. The aura; as opposed to the red-orange aura the previous God form had, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan boasts a vibrant, flame-like blue aura. Additionally, electricity discharges around the user, signifying the power increase.

Super Saiyan 5

After witnessing Goku first achieve a mysterious silver colored form in his battle against Xicor, Vegeta made it his mission to once again, achieve the last level of Super Saiyan in order to be completely prepared to protect the Earth and it was through his rage after seeing Bulma being shot through the heart by the villainous Ize that he was able to become a Super Saiyan 5 after managing to combine his normal and god Ki with his Saiyan cells, making him completely balanced as a warrior.

In this state, Vegeta's appearance mostly resembles that of his Super Saiyan 4 state except that his fur and hair is colored in a blueish-silver, indicating the god Ki running through his body. His irises become blood red and the skin takes on a reddish tone while his hair extends all the way down to his back like a Super Saiyan 3. His aura also changes into that of a blue color and it is more flame-like in appearance.



The Potara Saiyan Fusion between Vegeta and Goku, Vegeto is the most powerful being in Dragon Ball Z. This fusion is doinated mostly by Vegeta. He was created as a desperate plan by Elder Kai to stop the powerful Super Buu. Goku's relaxation, and Vegeta's strategic and cocky mind enabled Vegeto to be quite an intelligent fighter without being overcome by arrogance as Vegeta alone would be but possessing the ruthlessness to kill Super Buu that Goku would lack. He is very similar to Gogeta, who is another fusion of Goku and Vegeta.

Vegeto moments after the fusion


The Fusion Dance of Goku and Vegeta. This fusion is dominated mostly by Goku. Gogeta is considered to be one of the most formidable characters introduced in the series. Like Vegito, Gogeta was an act of desperation, though this one was to stop the powerful demon, Janemba, rather than Majin Buu. Gogeta easily outclassed Janemba, and the Demon was quickly disposed of in a heart beat. Vegeta contributed his Saiyan smarts, and his power. And Goku contribted his personallity.

Gogeta as a Super Saiyan


The Potara Earing fusion of Vegeta and Trunks.

Vegetunks moments after the fusion

This fusion is dominated mostly by Vegeta. Vegetunks was the result of a last minute ditch attempt to defeat the newly resurrected Broly. Surprisingly, Broly proved to be a match for the father-son fusion so it came down to Trunks and Vegeta to combine their Super Saiyan 4 powers to stop him. Vegetunks has the swordsmanship of Trunks and the physical abillities and personallity of Vegeta.


The Fusion Dance fusion of Vegeta and Trunks. This fusion is dominated mostly by Trunks. Trunketa was the result of Vegeta and Trunks showing Bulla how to do fusion. They also fused in an attempt to try and fight Xicor off but to no avail, even after they ascended to their Super Saiyan state to increase their strength.

Trunketa as he first appeared.

Special abilities

Main article: List of techniques used by Vegeta


  • "Being a good fiend is like being a good photographer, you have to search for the right moment."[citation needed]
  • "Kakarot's success was like a demon in my head!"[citation needed]
  • "I've won, I've finally defeated Kakarot! I've been waiting for this for a long time. Victory over Kakarot is finally mine!" (Budokai 3)
  • "It's over 9,000!" ("Goku Strikes Back")
  • "The Saiyans are a fighting tribe. Don't take us so lightly." (Final Bout)
  • " Welcome to the end of your life and it's going to hurt."(sometime before Vegeta's mind was being taken by Biptiti)

Dragon Ball movies

Vegeta appears in the following Dragon Ball Movies and Specials:

  • Return of Cooler
  • Super Android 13!
  • Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan
  • Bojack Unbound
  • Fusion Reborn
  • Wrath of the Dragon
  • Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku
  • The History of Trunks
  • Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans
  • Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!

Voice actors

  • Japanese Dub: Ryo Horikawa
  • Latin American Dub: Luis Daniel Ramírez (Kid Vegeta) and René García (Adult Vegeta)
  • Ocean Dub: Saffron Henderson (Kid Vegeta) and Brian Drummond (Adult Vegeta)
  • FUNimation Dub: Christopher R. Sabat
  • Filipino Hiligaynon, & Visayan Dub: Richie Garcia (Kid Vegeta) and Vincent Gutierrez (Adult Vegeta)


  • Vegeta's Funimation dub voice actor, Christopher R. Sabat, is the grandson of Frieza's voice actress Linda Chambers-Young, which is ironic since Vegeta is oppressed by Frieza and Vegeta betrays him.
  • Of all the Saiyans (full-blood and hybrid), only Vegeta's children do not have black hair and dark eyes.
  • Ironically, Vegeta admitts his love for his family for the first time in his Majin form, which is said to bring out evil.
  • Vegeta is insusceptible to the pain a typical Saiyan experiences when having their tail mistreated, as he declares to the horror of Piccolo, Krillin and Gohan in the episode "Time's Up!!", however the manga and Japanese anime implies that he and Nappa managed to train their tails while Raditz neglected to so with his.
  • In the episode Elite Fighters of the Universe... The Ginyu Force, during Guldo's flashback to a confrontation with Vegeta, Vegeta is shown without a tail, even though this scene took place before he went to Earth.
  • Vegeta is similar to Kaiba from the Yu-Gi-Oh anime and Regulus from the Bomberman video games. All three are anti-heroes and lost a battle to the main character early into the series (in Kaiba's Case, in the very first episode), and want a rematch with them. They are all also killed by a major villain but are revived. Vegeta and Kaiba also both admit that Goku and Yugi are better than them, respectively, near the very end of the show.
  • Despite Vegeta's obsession with defeating Goku, Goku has never actually beaten him. Even though Goku eventually proved stronger during their first fight, Vegeta won by transforming. However, Vegeta's wounded pride over the fact that Goku still surpassed him, and later continued to, is likely the main reason for his desire to beat him. The fact that he won their fight likely hurt Vegeta's pride even more.
  • Brian Drummond of the earlier Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z's portrayal of Vegeta had spawned the legendary line, "It's Over 9000", however, this was a translation error, as 9000 was supposed to be 8000.
  • Like Zarbon, FUNimation attempted to make Vegeta sound roughly like he did in the Ocean dub during the episodes that aired on television once they took over. However, in later uncut versions, as well as the games, Vegeta's voice is made much deeper than usual, even by FUNimation standards.
  • During Vegeta and Nappa's earliest appearance in the Dragon Ball Z anime, Vegeta's armor is orange and green, as opposed to yellow and white respectively, and his hair is brown. He retains this appearance on planet Arlia as well. His traditional coloring was standardized following his and Nappa's arrival on Earth during the Saiyan Saga. Vegeta's original palette is used as an alternate color in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.
  • Many fans believe Vegeta should be the King of all Saiyans, as his father was the king but is dead. However Vegeta was never officially annointed before the Saiyans were eradicated, therefore eternally remaining a prince.
  • In the movie, "Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan", Vegeta is addressed as the King of Saiyans by Paragas, and Trunks is addressed as the new Prince.
  • Vegeta has on one occasion addressed himself as the King of all Saiyans, in Shin Budokai before a battle with Broly.
  • In Movie 14 -Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! it is revealed that he has estranged younger brother, Table who was banished from Planet Vegeta for being a weakling.
  • Kazuya Mishima of the Tekken series looks similar to Vegeta. In the animated Tekken movie Kazuya's hair looks exactly the same as Vegeta's.
  • Vegeta has an extreme fear and disgust of squirmy things as seen in one filler episode when he and Goku were trapped in Buu's stomach.
  • During the fight between Super Saiyan 2 Gohan and Cell, Vegeta says he hates being forced to eat Senzu beans.
  • Vegeta is one of four characters in the series who blows himself up, the other three being Chiaotzu, Semi-Perfect Cell and Super Buu.
  • Vegeta almost always addresses Goku by his Saiyan birth name, Kakarot, but has on rare occasion addressed him as Goku. Vegeta says Goku's name seven times, only two of which stating that Kakarot is Goku. The first two were before he realized that Goku was Kakarot, during his battle on Earth, and the third is when he said Goku must be Kakarot. The fourth was when he was healing in the rejuvenation tank during the Namek Saga. The fifth and sixth was during the Garlic Jr. Saga, when he is searching for Goku, for reasons unknown he referred to him as Goku, twice (though this is not to be so easily dismissed as non-canon, the moment after Garlic Jr. is sucked into the Dead Zone Vegeta calls him Kakarot again). The seventh time was in Welcome Back Goku when Vegeta says to Trunks "Kakarot, the one you call Goku, and I are the only Saiyans left."
  • In an interview featured in Daizenshuu 2, creator Akira Toriyama notes that Vegeta is one of his least favorite Dragon Ball characters, but that "he was extremely helpful to have around."
  • while he officially has a Super Saiyan transformation in the main timeline, it's implied that Vegeta may have become a Super Saiyan in the Trunks/Cell timeline as well, due to the fact that he appeared as a Super Saiyan in both the narrative scene in The History of Trunks and Future Trunk's recollections of the Z-fighter's deaths in the episode Ghosts of the Future.

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