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Vetora, also known as Android V, is a bio-android created using the genetic material from Vegeta Jr. Created to help the [[Red 


Vetora is almost an exact copy of Vegeta Jr. She harbors the same cockiness and pride as him and his ancestor, Vegeta. She also likes to insult her opponents or people she isn't fond off. Vetora's pride can also get her in trouble, as she overestimates herself and her abilities in the midst of battle. Vetora seems to also share Vegeta Jr.'s inhereted intelligence as she took over Vegeta Jr.'s spot in Capsule Corp once he became Supreme Kai. Though she may be intelligent, she is still quite easy to fool by those who are more clever. This is due to her inexperience in life as she is just a few years old chronologically.

Vetora also shares Vegeta Jr.'s Saiyan pride. Often times she refers to herself as technical Saiyan royalty, declaring it to allies and enemies alike.