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File:Lychee and zakkuro.jpg

Zaacro (left) and Raiti (right).

Zaacro (Zaakuro) is a shape-shifting ailen who appears in the Anime only. Along with his partner Raiti, Zaacro was hoping to steal Kami's spaceship while Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan were journeying to Namek. His true form is similar to Raiti's except his skin is dark pink and he is also taller. They almost succeed by disguising themselves as Namekians and leading them on a false Dragon Ball quest, but Krillin and Gohan easily defeat them, leaving them trapped on the false Namek. They later make a small cameo appearance in Dragon Ball GT.

Special abilities

  • Brain Drain, a technique where, connecting appendages sprouted from his head to the head of his target, Zaacro can review the memories of another.

Voice actors

  • Japanses Dub: Yasuo Tanaka
  • Ocean Dub: Richard Ian Cox